Here is a new approach for us gals to consider

Very Weird Way to Prevent Wrinkles

By Cathryn Conroy, Netscape News Editor
Who needs Botox when you can have a martini instead? Letha Hadady, M.D., the author of "Healthy Beauty," insists a martini a day keeps the wrinkles away. She calls it a "wrinkle-tini." But this drink mix is not your typical martini. It's takes real fortitude to down one of these.

According to Wireless Flash, the wrinkle-tini combines vodka with a special blend of vermouth that has been mixed with astralagus and jube date, two herbs that have been used to smooth skin since ancient times. (We're thinking the wrinkles may be preferable to drinking this concoction everyday.)

So what does a wrinkle-tini taste like? Hadady likens it to a Manhattan more than the traditional martini and advises replacing the olive with a strawberry. Maybe a little umbrella would be nice, too. And if the wrinkle-tini doesn't suit your taste buds, she advises you to drink wine mixed with reishi mushroom extract. That also has an interesting side effect: It reduces your cravings for junk food.

Pretty funny, eh?