Julia Vlassov and Drew Meekins, the 2006 World Junior Champions, unveiled a newly redesigned official Web site on Sunday, April 22. The site also includes new photos and two never before published journal entries, one from Julia and one from Drew.

From April 20:
In other news, we're working really hard for the upcoming season. We've been working on new throws, lifts and side-by-side jumps, as well as quality and consistency. We plan on choreographing two new programs soon.
From March 10:
We skated well in practice after our short and then in the long, we skated a virtually clean program, with just a few minor mistakes. In the most surprising event of the competition, we ended up in 5th place in the freeskate and in 7th overall. We had the 3rd highest technical score of the night which we were very pleased with. Of course, however, we know that we could have skated better and placed better as well.
Julia and Drew would love to know what you think about the new Web site so please feel free to drop them an e-mail through the form on their contact page.