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Thread: SAG Awards this Sunday

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    SAG Awards this Sunday

    For movie goers. The Screen Actors Guild will award actors in many categories for 2002. Their list of nominees are not exactly the same as those for the Oscars. For example, Richard Gere is nominated for Best Actor and Dennis Quaid for Best Supporting Actor, among other differences. (Meryl Streep not nominated at all except for ensemble work).

    Complete list of categories and nominees go to:

    This Guild is composed entirely of Actors so the winners are really the choice of their peers.

    Channel TNT 9 March 8pmEST. check listings in your neck of the woods.

    Should be a good show.


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    Jules Asner

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    Re: SAG Awards this Sunday

    I caught the tail end of this show, it was very good. I like the combination of TV and Movie stars voting on each other.

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    Re: SAG Awards this Sunday

    It was a thrill to see Maureen O'Hara.

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