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Thread: UK-proposed new UN resolution

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    Jules Asner

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    UK-proposed new UN resolution

    This is the new resolution "ultimatum to Saddam" the UK proposed to have voted on by the UN, which they think France will veto. What do you think of this resolution and do you think it should be passed? If passed and Saddam does not comply, then military action would be taken.

    -Saddam Hussein must come clean on Iraqi television about his weapons of mass destruction and promise to give them up, says the UK.

    - Giving up stocks of anthrax or proving they have already been destroyed

    -Flying 30 Iraqi scientists and their families to Cyprus for questioning about weapons programmes free from intimidation

    -Accounting for the unmanned "drone" aircraft, discovered by UN weapons inspectors, which could be used for spraying poisons

    -Surrendering mobile biological warfare production units
    Promising to complete destruction of banned missiles.

    -Promising to complete destruction of banned missiles.

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    Re: UK-proposed new UN resolution

    None of this matters. The USA will buy its votes as it has done in the past for so many reasons which I will not go into now. there are forums for this and they lambast me for bringing them up. I do not want to do that here.

    The USA will pay out billions to get what it wants. The cost goes to the tax payers. The poor will go poorer; the middle class will go poor. That"s the nature of capitalism. The USA is in a position to buy what it wants, not unlike Christine Aguillera.

    The Bush's want WAR, regarless of the need for it.


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