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Thread: Just Started Skating Today

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    Just Started Skating Today

    Hey guys, I just started skating today. I've been skating with a roller skating group for about 5 years now with roller blades and have learned and landed every jump up to an axel (I'm still working on a double toe loop). After a while I finally wanted to try ice skating, so my parents bought me a pair of Riedell skates for Christmas. I started to go on ice without lessons or a coach and had no problem with cross-overs and backwards cross-overs. I taught myself how to do a waltz jump, flip, toe loop, waltz-toe loop, and a flip-toe loop. I soon got lessons and have landed perfectly every jump I've mentioned including a salchow and a lutz (Still havent tried a loop yet). My coach told me I over-rotate most of my jumps so I should be able to land an axel or a double with ease. My 1-foot spins she says are excellent and I've almost got my first scratch spin. Right now I'm 16 years old and am wondering if it's too old to start (I dont think any age is too old though) or if any of you guys can give me a few tips on what I should practice or get better at. I'd be very happy if you guys could give me some tips

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    You're never too old to start to skate, worlds might not be a possibility, but if you've managed most of your singles, you can probably take free skate tests.
    My advice: get the loop, it's a great jump when it's landed, really easy feeling and spin. And most importantly have fun, as cheesy as that sounds, that's really the only point.

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