2006 U.S. junior pair silver medalists Bridget Namiotka and John Coughlin opened their official Web site. The site features fan favorites including personal photos and a journal:

We decided to keep our Pearl Harbor long program for another season. While we performed it a lot last year, we only skated the senior version the one time at nationals. When we had our meeting after Jr. Worlds to discuss our plans, everyone was in agreement that we should keep the long so that we would have one program we were familiar with for our first year on the Senior Grand Prix Circuit. We decided on The Mission for our short, we had Christine Houghe, or "Tuffy", as she is known in the skating world, come down from Boston to choreograph it.
Since forming their partnership in late 2004, Namiotka and Coughlin have trained under head coach Jeff DiGregorio at the University of Delaware, where they also receive training from Jeremy Allen and Ron Ludington.