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Thread: Additional Ice Network Coverage

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    Additional Ice Network Coverage

    here is more free stuff available on Ice Network...interviews with the skaters backstage at the '06 Marshall's Challenge, as well as some Nancy Kerrigan/World of Skating stuff...

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    Thanks RD - I enjoyed watching the Russian Men at their Nationals. IMO:
    Russian Male Skating is still very very good.

    Voronov, Dobrin, V.Uspenski, Boraludon all show strong potential. and they all seem to be emulating Plushenko.

    Mikhailova has an individual style and the most interesting for me. Hope he continues to improve. An original.

    Griazev actually did a Cha Cha (courtesy of TT) and he was wonderful. He can go beyond the Cossak style, and with body language as well.

    The best was Lutai. A huge talent which Mishin seems to be nourishing in the style of Plushenko but one can see there is more than Plushenko in Lutai. He will be a force come 2010, imo.

    One thing about this competition is that it is like the US behind who gets on the podium. Griazev got a gift with a faulty routine.

    I'll check out the other videos over the weekend.


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