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Thread: FSO publishes 2007 "Summer Series"

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    FSO publishes 2007 "Summer Series"

    Published during the summer months of the off-season, the Figure Skaters Online "Summer Series" provides visitors with the opportunity learn about the interests and opinions athletes have beyond the sport of figure skating.

    The 2007 series has almost two dozen athletes weighing in on everything from Blades of Glory to current American President George W. Bush. The first three questions in the series are now online with the remaining 17 being published throughout the summer.

    In the 2006 series, more than a dozen Figure Skaters Online athletes revealed interesting responses to questions about everything from eating lunch to magazine covers. The series is still online so fans can take a stroll down memory lane.

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    Q: What do you like most about summer?
    A: Johnny Weir
    "Thunder and lightening. There's something so clean and sexy about storms."


    Q: If you could eat lunch with any person, who would [it] be and why?

    A: Jeremy Abbott
    "I am sometimes a very messy eater--I think that I would be too embarrassed to eat with someone special enough to ask this question about."

    Come on Jeremy, you can keep your face clean for one hour!

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