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Thread: Vise and Trent Plan Quad Throw Next Season

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    News Vise and Trent Plan Quad Throw Next Season

    "It is our goal and hope to be able to incorporate it into both programs as it becomes more consistent," shared Trent. [More]

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    They did have a very good skate in Nationals, and I am looking forward to seeing them again in St. Paul.

    Mirror imaging in skating can be quite interesting. It's so beautiful when the Pair are doing separate camel spins making two separate circles and meeting at the apex. - not easy.


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    i really liked this team..... thier costumes were beautiful and i thought that the mirror skating was really intersting. they really stood out. I SO hope they can land the quad....if they land it.. inoue and baldwin won't be the hottest americans anymore! lol

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    Woot, they train at Alltel.

    I go there too.


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