Rosstyn Ice Shows / Silverwood Theme Park 2007 casting call

$400 per week ensemble

$500 per week ensemble / swing soloist

Principals: Casted

Only 14 shows per week.
30 minute shows.
ice size 60'x 40'
One day off per week.

5 days rehearsals, No compensation for rehearsals.
Accommodations included, walking distance to ice show.
Transportation included with the completion of contract.
The park offers every day free cafeteria with salads, soups and drinks.

Rehearsals June 24, 2007
Ice shows starts:
June 30 to September 3, 2007
Silverwood Theme park is located in Athol Idaho
Call or email to:

Rosstyn Eduardo Gudino
Rosstyn Ice Shows & Rink Designs, Inc.
4600 Royal Palm Beach Blvd.
Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411
Office: 561 791-3328
Fax: 561 791-3894