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Thread: Hiram singers in DC

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    Hiram singers in DC

    Hi all,

    Just found out that my alma mater is sending a group I belonged to in college for a tour of the DC area this week. The Hiram College Madrigal Singers will be appearing on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in a live webcast this Friday at 6pm.

    The director, John Drotleff, is also the director of the West Shore Chorale in Lakewood, OH. He retired from Lakewood HS a few years back (he was my daughter's choir director) and has been working with the Hiram College Choir and Madrigal group. He says the tour will also include a performance at the National Cathedral. I think he said that was Sunday. Anyone in the DC area can find out better than I can at the moment.

    Soooooo, if you like vocal music, especially madrigals, tune into the live webcast on Friday at 6pm. The webcast uses RealPlayer, so if you wanna watch (or rather listen, the choir will be miniscule on that little screen!), make sure you have RP or load it to your computer.

    Here is the link for the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage:
    <a href="" target="top"></a>

    The Kennedy Center has been having performances 365 days a year for several years now. Cool, huh? So what if they are all visiting, culture is in the capital.

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    Re: Hiram singers in DC

    Thanks Jo, I will be listening.

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    Re: Hiram singers in DC

    Hi eltamina,

    Hope you had a chance to listen to the webcast. If I understand right, I believe you can still hear them from the archives.

    They certainly sounded good to me, but I am slightly prejudiced! Heard some familiar arrangements. I was busy singing along with "Charm Me Asleep" when my computer decided to close the realplayer window. Did manage to reload the buffer and hear rest of concert. We just did Charm and the Battle of Jericho for our spring concert last year. I just love Moses Hogan's spiritual arrangements and was sad to hear he died recently.

    My daughter's vocal jazz group did the Jada, Jada Jing, Jing arrangement in high school. Wonder which of the choir directors discovered that arrangement first, Drotleff or Gerry Wondrak (the jazz guy. they were contemporaries and colleagues at the high school)

    Since the Hiram kids didn't bring a major snow storm with their tour, does that mean we will be seeing some cherry blossoms in DC for Worlds?

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    Re: Hiram singers in DC


    I listened to the entire program, they are good. I don't know much about music history or theory, so what is madrigal singing?

    Is it similar to the voice motets?

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