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Thread: Gymnastics American Cup/News

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    Jules Asner

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    Gymnastics American Cup/News

    Did anyone see the competition last weekend? I was surprised to find out I missed the apparatus world championships. I don't know if it was aired on television but ESPN was supposed to air it. I was even more surprised to learn that 2 american girls won gold medals. One of them beat out Svetlana Khorkina on Uneven bars, who was going for a record consecutive 6 wins. Another girl won on the balance beam. Carly Patterson won the American Cup. US Nationals are in June and the Word Championships are in August and are being held in the US.

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    Re: Gymnastics American Cup/News

    Yup, I saw it. Good competition (although, always skewed towards the Americans). Carly Patterson is an amazingly poised little girl. The tricks she was doing on the beam - a lot of blind landing stuff, was incredible, and she did it without a bobble. She is strong all around and it should be interesting to see how she does. This was her first international competition as Sr. (I believe), but she was such a highly regard Jr. she came in to this competition as the favorite and handled the pressure tremendously.

    Courtney Kupets - who won the bars at the world championships is a sight to see on the bars. Long and lean and floats during her routine. Both her and Ashley Postell, the World Champs, are strong gymnasts, but I think the individual apparatus format of the last World Championships favored them, whereas I think Carly is definitely an all around contender.

    Of course, this is all based on very little viewing as gymnastics is rarely on TV.

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