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Thread: What do you posters think of this!

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    What do you posters think of this!
    By A Stroke Of Luck I Uncovered One Of The Most Important Figure Skating Manuscripts Of All Time....

    Even through it was first published in 1960 this book has the best figure skating information I have ever seen.

    In the 18 chapters here’s just a snippet of what you’ll learn:

    The correct equipment is the most important decision in becoming a figure skater. Discover exactly how to choose the best boots.
    Skating clothes need to be as comfortable as possible. You will discover exactly what’s the best for this sport.
    Your first time on the ice—there are certain precautions you should take before venturing onto the ice. Do this right and you’ll be a lot more confident.
    Basic posture, you can’t just start doing complex figure skating, you’ll have to learn the basic posture. There are pictures showing you exactly how to do this (these pictures are invaluable).
    How to double sculling, you’ll only be doing this after you get some confidence. Soon you’ll be a master skater.
    You will learn how to master the ‘push off‘ from a complete standstill.

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    Sounds like some of the books I have sitting on my shelf. There are some wonderful books out there from the early days of figure skating that describe all the technical sides of figure skating - including tracing figures. Also check out your local library.

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