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Thread: 2009 Worlds has US TV coverage after all (or not)?

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    2009 Worlds has US TV coverage after all (or not)?

    Hey, upon a Google search I caught this little's the official release of Spokane's bid from 2005 but it's still interesting...I wonder if this is a mistake or not:

    Embedded in the article:

    Figure skating is consistently the highest rated Olympic Winter Sport on television. The 2009 World Figure Skating Championships will include a total of 17 hours of national coverage produced by ABC Sports on ESPN and ESPN2. In addition to the broadcasts on ESPN and ESPN2, the 2009 World Championships will be broadcast in numerous other nations including Canada (CTV), Japan (TBS), China (CCTV), Europe (EBU), Korea (SBS), and ESPN International.

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    Figure Skating does get more viewers than Curling.

    I think the deal between the USFS and NBC supercedes this little item.

    However, 2009 Worlds, Los Angeles, and Sasha Cohen may even be bigger than the Olys.


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