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Thread: NY Tony Awards

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    NY Tony Awards

    They are onTV next Sunday. I don't know if they are carried nationally. They are much more down to earth than the Oscars so don't expect flashy gowns. It's always a fun show and performers to watch, imo, are:

    Chistine Ebersole for Gray Gardens (about Jackie O's cousin.)
    Rauol Esparda for Comany (revival) (about a 40+ batchelor checking out his married friends)
    Most Distinguished Actress: Eve Best (Moon for the Misbegotten)
    Most Distinguished Actor: Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon)

    Best Musical: Spring Awakening
    Best Drama: The Coast of Utopia

    Check it out!!


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    yes it is shown nationally

    and the tonys all dress up too... they're just not as well recognized (well most of them)

    I always watch the awards...

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    I watching the Tony awards, even if I have to watch the show a few days later (I'm not a night owl, so I don't stay up too late while school is still in session). Usually the ladies are dressed elegantly (and not overdone), and I love to see the production numbers from the various musicals. We get to NYC by train every so often to see a Broadway musical, but we usually try to catch the national tours of the shows when they come to Philly.

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