U.S. Junior Men's Champion Eliot Halverson wrote a lengthy notebook entry about his experience at the World Junior Championships. He will write another entry shortly about having his own day, "Eliot Halverson Day," in his hometown of St. Paul, Minn.

I talked for a long time with my coach after I stepped off the kiss-and-cry podium. With tears in my eyes I listened to his words. He once again reminded me that I was still the same Eliot. Nothing had changed, no matter how good or bad I had skated. He told me to feel the pain I was experiencing. Truly feel it. When training for the next season I could remind myself of this pain, and use it as motivation to make me work even harder.

The rest of the week passed quickly as I watched Team USA collect numerous deserved medals. I felt so honored to be apart of this prestigious and talented group of athletes! I definitely want to compete at Junior Worlds again, except next time I will be more mentally prepared. Watch out!