As a preview for 2007/2008, please tell us any music selections/choreography news under this thread.

FSU compiled a list:

2007 – 2008 Music

Lesley Hawker (CAN) – “Moon River” (SP); John Williams FS
Sarah Hecken (GER) – “Dark Eyes” (SP); “Red Hot” by Vanessa Mae (FS); “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson (Ex)
Mirai Nagasu (USA) – “I’ve Got Rhythm” by Gershwin (SP); “Coppelia” (FS)
Yukina Ota (JPN) – “Swan Lake” (SP); “Aranjuez” (FS)
Ashley Wagner (USA) - “Henry VIII" by Saint-Saens (SP); “Por Una Cabeza” (FS)

Jeremy Abbott (USA) – “Music Treat” by Carlos Santana (SP); Music Ghost Waltz from Mistletoe Bride ballet by Paul Chihara, Jazz Suite Waltz from the Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack, River Waltz from The Painted Veil soundtrack, Masquerade Waltz by Aram Khachaturian (FS)
Shawn Sawyer (CAN) – “Another Brick in the Wall” by the London Philharmonic Orchestra (SP); “Moments in Love” by Art of Noise (FS); Tainted Love, Untitled by Sum41 (Ex)
Alexander Uspenski (RUS) – “Don Quijote” (SP); “Turandot” (FS)

Sara Bailey & Kyle Herring (USA) – “Zorba the Greek” (OD); Selections from the movies 300 and Chronicles of Narnia (FD)

Brooke Castile & Ben Okolski (USA) – “Kill Bill” (SP); “Scheherezade” (FS)
Brynn Carman & Chris Knierim (USA) – “Chopsticks” by Mozart (SP); “City Slickers” soundtrack (FS)
Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig (USA) – “Stray Cat Strut” (SP); “Daphis & Chloe” by Ravel, “Reverie” by Debussy (FS)
Jessica Rose Paetsch & Jon Nuss (USA) – “Por Una Cabeza” (SP); “Capone” by Ronan Hardiman (FS)
Bridget Namiotka & John Coughlin (USA) – “The Mission” (SP); Music from “Pearl Harbor” (FS)
Julia Vlassov & Drew Meekings (USA) – a version of the “Titanic” score (FS)

According to some eyewitnesses and Pang & Tong's blog, they are currently working with Morozov to do two new programs. They will likely finish the choregraphy by the end of this month. The long program will use 'Romeo and Juliet'(Nino Rota version), this music has been overused, but hell, every music has been repeated thousands of times these day. Pang & Tong will try something new in short program, possibly blues style music with some sexy flavour.