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    Simon & Garfunkel that's who!!!! I saw Art in Vancouver. It was awesome. They may sing together at the Grammys'. Great news!

    Check out the following:

    Secret Talks? Simon & Garfunkel Reunion

    By Cathryn Conroy, Netscape News Editor
    They split up 33 years ago, but you may be able to hear the lyrical voices and music of Simon & Garfunkel again. Britain's Evening Standard reports that the two musicians who put their musical imprint on the '60s are in "secret negotiations" to reunite for a series of concerts that would be presented worldwide on an extended tour. The sticking point--surprise!--is money and how much of it each will get.

    The Standard says Simon wants the percentage of their cut of the profits to be in his favor since he wrote the songs. Garfunkel wants it to be split 50-50 since he is half the duo. "But Art may be softening," an unnamed source close to the negotiations told the Standard. "He is beginning to accept that a large chunk of a nine-figure sum is still a seriously significant amount of money." The Standard estimates the world tour would earn hundreds of millions of dollars. Just last month Garfunkel said: "I would love nothing better than to sing with Paul again. We have a special sound, and I know a lot of people would love to hear us. It is tempting."

    The fact that they are even talking to each another is news. Their stormy relationship resulted in an estrangement so severe that they weren't even speaking to one another last year. Watch the Grammys this Sunday and you may see them perform together then. The two are receiving a lifetime achievement award at the ceremonies in New York, and they have been asked to sing. The sound of silence may be ending.


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    The sound of silence may be ending

    Interesting choice of words.Weren't they awesome?:D


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