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Thread: Edgar Bergen and Doris Pulaski

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    Edgar Bergen and Doris Pulaski

    Doris P., your remarks on the question, "What is most important to a chair?" got me thinking about the true absurdities in life. I would have gone for, a good wood stain and a coat of varnish, or upholstery with a pretty floral print. But then I met a chair that had no feet, and I realized how shallow I was being.

    As for me, when I was a little boy the ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (with Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd) had a very popular radio show. Think about it. A ventriloquist act ... ON THE RADIO. Gee, I hope he didn't move his lips.

    This show was so popular that one time it ran over, and people were late in switching over to the next program, War of the Worlds narrated by Orson Wells. So they missed the announcement at the beginning that this was fiction and they thought that the Martians were really attacking. Caused a big panic on the East Coast.


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    Re: Edgar Bergen and Doris Pulaski

    Well, having seen him on tv etc. he never did get the no lip movment right. They moved.

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    Absurdities of Life

    Mathman, Sounds like a good cafe thread, actually

    Another interesting thing that used to be one the radio that made very little sense was on the Grand Ole Opry.

    They had clog dancers, so there you were, watching a dance that you could not see.

    It was right up there with being awakened by the nurse in the hospital to take a sleeping pill.

    Or voting in Southern, Florida.


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    Re: Absurdities of Life


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