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Thread: Ryan O'Meara update

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    Ryan O'Meara update

    Skating on hold as Ryan O'Meara focuses on new roles

    2006 Olympian is thriving as ice dance director and interior designer in Arizona

    For more than half his life, Ryan O'Meara was known for being a figure skater. It was his ice dancing talent that put his name in headlines as he and his partners collected medals from Middle America to Gangneung, Korea.

    But with his competitive skating career now on hold as partner Jamie Silverstein attends Cornell University, the 2006 Olympian is focusing on his lesser known talent—interior design, which he studied at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

    "I have always been interested in creating spaces," said O'Meara, 23. "As soon as I could push furniture around and paint with a roller, I was changing my space."

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    A very talented skater and maybe also interior design expert. It's nice to see he is getting on in life. It would be nicer if he tried out with a new partner.


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    Thanks for the update on Ryan. I love him and would love to see him skate again one day.

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