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Thread: Moving - selling my collection!

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    Moving - selling my collection!

    I'm going to be moving this summer and would like to get rid of my collection, else they will end up in a storage facility as I will not be able to move with them. They are $5 each, but am willing to make deals. If you want to know more about who's in the event or have any other questions, please pm me. Thanks!

    SKATING TAPES FOR SALE (All NTSC except for the one mentioned)

    #8 - 2001-02 GPF (TSN):
    - Ladies LP:Onda, Butyrskaya, Kwan, Slutskaya
    - Mens LP: Eldredge, Honda, Dinev, Goebel, Plushenko
    Yagudin + int.
    - Pairs LP (CTV): I&Z, A&B, P&T, B&S, S&P

    #10 - 1996 Stars On Ice (NBC)

    #12- 1998 Worlds (ESPN) MLP only
    1998 Goodwill Games (TBS):
    MSP&LP: Cousins, Goebel, Eldredge, Honda, Li
    Urmanov, Weiss, Pliuta, Plushenko
    1998 Euros (Eurosport) MLP only

    #14 - 2000 Holiday Festival on Ice:
    Opening, Orser with Browning and Cousins, B&K,
    Eldredge, Orser, Cousins, Kadavy, Yagudin, Browning,
    Eldredge, Orser, Cousins, Chouinard, B&K, Browning,

    #19 - 1999 Sears Canadian Open (TNT):
    U&P, B&S, Browning SP, Stojko SP, Cousins SP,
    Eldredge SP, Orser SP, Chouinard, Cousins LP,OrserLP
    Eldredge LP, Stojko LP, Browning LP
    1998 Vail Figure Skating Festival (TBS):
    Opening, Cousins, Orser, B&E, Davis, Orser, Cousins,

    #21- 1995 Challenge of Champions(twitchy):
    Sato, Bielman, Witt, Kadavy, Wylie, Petrenko, Cousins,
    Browning, B&E, U&M, B&P, K&N

    #22 - 1996 Great Skate Debate:
    Sato, Bielman, Witt, Kadavy, Sumners, Kerrigan,
    Manley, Hamilton, Browning, Wylie, Petrenko,
    Sabovcik, Orser, Mitchell

    #30 - 2000 International Figure Skating Challenge:
    Bonaly, Slutskaya, Witt, Petrenko, Plushenko,Stojko,
    Kwan, Hughes, Yamaguchi, Goebel, Eldredge, Weiss

    #35 - 1997 Canadian Pros- TVA plus exhibitions:
    Beacom, Sumners, K&N, Galindo, Kadavy, U&M,
    Orser, Chouinard, B&E, Browning
    Life and Times of Barbara Ann Scott
    En Route Avec Josee

    #37 - 1995 Starlight Challenge in Central Park:
    Sumners, Bobek, Witt, Browning, Eldredge, Hamilton,
    B&E, K&N, Meno & Sand

    #42 - 1996 Ice Wars (2 tapes):

    #44 - 1996 Scott Hamilton- Upside Down

    #45 - 1995-96 Discover Stars on Ice:
    Includes the SOI ensemble Spaghetti Western!

    #46 - 1997 Battle of the Sexes:
    Witt, Gordeeva, Kerrigan, Kadavy
    Browning, Sabovcik, Petrenko, Orser

    #48 - 1998 Improv Ice:
    Weiss, Orser, Petrenko, Candeloro, Yagudin, Galindo,
    Bielman, Bonaly, Sumners, Kerrigan, Bobek,
    Yamaguchi, Leonova&Khvalko, Landry&Lancon,

    #50 - 1996 Too Hot To Skate (not entire but great quality):
    - Sumners, Browning, Petrenko, Lipinski, P&S, Eldredge,
    Eldredge & Kwan int., Witt, Kwan, Browning, Hamilton
    1994 The Planets: Orser, Duschesnays, Rodriguez

    #52 - 2001 Summernight On Ice- Germany (PAL):
    - Opening, Witt, S&D, Bielman, W&L, Cousins, Sato,
    Orser, W&S, Witt, Petrenko, Cousins with Dunjen and
    Steur, W&L, S&D, Petrenko, Bielman, Cousins, Witt
    W&S, Orser, Finale

    #54 - 2003 Scott Hamilton and Friends (NBC):
    - Opening, Cousins, Orser, R&S, Sabovcik, Hamilton,
    Ensemble, Cousins, Orser with Sabovcik and Hamilton,
    Hamilton, Finale

    #55 - 2002 Kristi Yamaguchi’s Salute To Gold:
    Opening, Roca&Sur, Eldredge, B&S, Kerrigan,
    Yagudin, S&P, Yamaguchi, Chen, Browning

    #56 - 2004 Stars on Ice

    #59 - 1997 World Pros:
    Boitano, Petrenko, Browning, Galindo, R&S, U&Z,
    Yamaguchi, Gordeeva, Biellman, Kerrigan, K&N,
    Open Mike with Steven Cousins

    #61- 1998 Worlds (ESPN)- Men’s and Ladies’s LP:
    Pliuta, Vidrai, Landgon, Cousins, Weiss, Zagorodniuk,
    Yagudin, Vlashenko, Eldredge, Plushenko
    Kwiatkowski, Szewczenko, Malinina, Kwan, Rechnio,
    Hubert, Liashenko, Butryskaya, Slutskaya

    #62- 2004 Kenny Loggins on Ice:
    Kadavy, S&D, Cousins, Weiss, S&P, Boitano,
    Eldredge, Yagudin

    #63 -1998 Sears Canadian Open (CTV):
    - Browning, Cousins and Orser interviews
    - Mens SP: Cousins, Milot, Weiss, Browning, Langdon, Orser
    - Weiss interview
    - Mens IF: Orser, Langdon, Weiss, Browning, Cousins
    - Browning interview

    #64 1997-98 SOI cast on Leeza
    2000 CSOI (TVA):
    Opening, Browning, B&K, Lipinski, Orser, B&E,
    Chouinard, Hamilton, Orser with Browning, Cousins and
    Hamilton, Chouinard, B&K, Ensemble, Cousins, Cousins w/
    Bourne and Chen, Browning and Lipinski, B&E, Orser,
    Browning, Finale

    #65 2003 World Team Challenge (OXYGEN):
    - Chouinard, Browning, S&P, Baiul, Cousins, K&N,
    Butryskaya, Yagudin, B&S, Bobek, Eldredge, I&Z

    #66 - 1997 Worlds (Eurosport)- Men’s SP and LP

    #67 2003 Holiday Celebration On Ice (NBC):
    - Opening, Kadavy, Eldredge, M&S, I&Z, Yagudin, Orser,
    Sumners and Orser, I&Z, Kadavy, Orser, Eldredge,
    Gordeeva, Hamilton & ensemble, Finale
    2003 Holiday Ice Dreams (A&E):
    - Opening, Kulik, Wylie, B&E, Stojko, Smith, Stojko,
    B&E, Smith, Wylie, Finale

    #70 - 2000 Ice Wars pt.2:
    Browning, Candeloro, Witt, Bonaly, Bobek, Galindo,
    Yamaguchi, Boitano
    1995 Canadian SOI
    1991 Canadian SOI
    1994 Canadians:
    PLP: Sale&Turner, Higgins&Rice, Savard-Gagnon&
    LSP: Chouinard, Preston, Bingert
    LLP: Bingert, Derochie, Humphries, Chouinard,
    DOD: Boyce&Brunet, Bourne&Kraatz, Patenaude&
    DFD: Dubreuil&Morbacher, Emerson&Kavanagh,
    Patenaude&Masse, Bourne&Kraatz, Boyce&
    MSP: Browning, Stojko
    MLP: Browning, Britten, Langdon, Christensen,

    #71 - 2000 Star Skates Ice Jam (NBC):
    Opening,Cousins, Bielman, Orser, U&P, Stojko,
    Cousins, Orser, Bielman, U&P, Stojko, Finale
    2000 Star Skates Motown (NBC):
    Opening, Sato, Orser, Bobek, P&S, S&D, Orser, Finale

    #74 - 1997 Three Masters on Ice:
    Boitano, Wylie and Hamilton with Sato, Kadavy,
    Sumners, Roca&Sur, Underhill&Martini

    #79 - 1996 Euros (ORF) MLP, DFD

    #80 - 1999 Masters (TNT):
    Mens SP: Browning, Eldredge, Yagudin
    Mens LP: Orser, Browning, Yagudin, Eldredge, interview
    with Eldredge and Yagudin
    1999 Grand Slam of Figure Skating (FOX):
    Browning, Orser, Petrenko, Browning, Petrenko, Orser,
    Browning, Orser

    #82 - 1997 Canadian Pros (CTV)
    B&E, Manley, Sumners, Sato, Chouinard, Kadavy,
    Chouinard interview, Browning profile, Beacom,
    Galindo, Orser, Browning, Browning&Orser interview
    1997 Canadian Pros (CBS)
    Galindo, Beacom, Sabovcik, Orser, Browning,
    Galindo interview, Kurt on Kurt profile, Beacom

    #83 - Fort Boyard with Brian Joubert

    #84 - 1997-98 GPF (NTV):
    DCD: A&P, G&P, F-P&M, B&K, P&S, L&A
    MSP: Yagudin, Paskevtich, Kulik, Plushenko, Eldredge,
    DOD: G&P, L&A, P&S, B&K, A&P, F-P&M

    #86 - 1996 Worlds Exhibitions (Ch.1- Russia
    B&K, Kulik, Krylova&Ovsiannikov, Eldredge, G&P,
    Closing with Browning and Yamaguchi
    1997 Trophee Laligue Gala (NTV):
    Eldredge, W&W, Calegari&Camerlengo, Paskevitch,
    Romanova&Yaroshenko, Candeloro, W&S, A&P, Yagudin,
    G&P, G&P, Finale

    #87 - 1996 Canadian Open:
    -Kadavy, Bielman, Manley, Chouinard, Sumners,
    Browning, Sabovcik, Beacom, Orser, B&P, B&E,
    1997 World Pros (Japan TV):
    -Yamaguchi, Gordeeva, Bielman, Kerrigan,
    Browning, Boitano, Galindo, Petrenko, K&N,B&E
    2000 Ice Wars pt.1:
    see #70

    #88 - 1996 Euros (ORF):
    MLP: Milot, Candeloro, Gheorge, Yagudin, Zagorodniuk,
    Kulik, Paskevitch, Cousins
    DFD: Fusar-Poli&Margaglio,Nowak&Kolosinski,Winkler&
    Grishuk&Platov, Lobachevah&Averbukh

    #89 - 1995 Worlds (ORF):
    MLP: Urmanov, Eldredge, Candeloro, Stojko, Cousins
    DFD: McLean&Schaub,Goolsbee&Schamberger, Navka&
    EX: Eldredge, Rahkamo&Kokko,Stojko,Grishuk&Platov

    #93 - 2002 Olympics(Ch.7-Australia):
    MSP: Liu, Yagudin, Plushenko, Goebel
    MLP: Liu, Honda, Plushenko, Goebel, Yagudin + int.
    DCD: A&P, L&A, F&M, F&M, A&P, L&A
    DOD: F&M, B&K, A&P, L&A
    DFD: A&P, F&M, L&A

    #97 - 2002 Skate America (ESPN) and Skate Canada- MSP:
    SA MSP: Yagudin, Delmore, Weiss, Savoie,
    Sandhu, Abt, Zhang, Joubert
    SA MLP: Abt, Weiss, Savoie, Joubert, Zhang,
    Yagudin withdrawal and interview
    SC MSP: Buttle, Sandhu, Bradley, Honda,

    #98 - 2002 Olympics (CBC):
    - Recipe for Success:Sandhu
    - Stojko interview on Olympic Connection
    - Ina and Zimmerman SP and LP
    - Mens SP: Weiss, Yagudin, Li, Honda, Y.Li, Plushenko,
    Goebel, Abt, Eldredge, Dambier, Stojko
    - interviews: Yagudin (plus profile), Sandhu, Stojko (plus

    #99 - 2003 Kristi’s Salute to American Music:
    Opening, Wylie, Roca&Sur, Cousins, Yagudin,
    Ensemble, Roca&Sur, Cousins, Browning,
    2003 Brian Boitano’s Skating Spectacular:
    Opening, Cousins, Kadavy, Kulik, Boitano,
    Sato&Dungen, Ensemble, Boitano&Kadavy,
    Sato, Zimmerman&Fontana, Cousins,
    Ensemble, Kulik, Finale

    #100 - 1997-98 GPF (NTV):
    DFD: P&S, F-P&M, L&A, B&K, A&P, G&P
    MLP: Paskevitch, Plushenko, Yagudin, Eldredge, Stojko,
    EX: P&S, Paskevitch, F-P&M, Plushenko

    #104 - 1993 Skate For Life Gala (BBC)

    #105 - 1998 Halloween on Ice
    Kerrigan, Manley, B&E, Browning, Sabovcik, Guddat,
    Chouinard, Urbanski&Marval, Candeloro, Kirk,

    #106 - 1995 Halloween on Ice
    Kerrigan, Eldredge, Weiss, Punsulan&Swallow,
    Hamilton, Sato, B&E, Wylie, K&P, Sumners
    1996 Halloween on Ice
    Kerrigan, B&E, Weiss, Wylie, Guddat&Grossup,
    Manley, Eldredge, H&Z, B&B, Sabovcik

    #107 - 1993 Piruetten

    #108 - 2000 CSOI

    #109 - 1995 Houston Symphony on Ice

    #110 - 2007 Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular

    Alexei Yagudin compilation (1999-2003)- 5 tapes (will sell seperate)
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    reply to tapes for sale

    Hi, I read your post about selling your video tapes. there are several i am interested in.

    6, 49, 57, 73, 96,

    Would you let me know what the total price would be including airmail to the uk. also when you have said simply skate america or soi would that be all the programs ? i am particularly interested in bourne/kraatz performances.

    My email address is

    to clarify are these ntsc video tapes or dvds?
    Thanks very much, Denise

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    I updated my list by adding what is on each tape. The ones highlighted are the ones I've done so far.

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    I've decided to sell the remaing tapes for $3 each (plus shipping), so pm me if you find something you like or have any questions.

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    I added more to my list. The price is still the same.

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    I just edited my list. I removed ones that I sold and added new ones. I am now selling them for $3.00 each or 3 for $5.00, plus shipping.

    Let me know if you have any questions!!
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    These will all be going into storage in the next couple of months and I won't see them again until after summer, so if you're interested, now's your chance!
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    Thanks to all of you who have bought from me. As of June 4th, I will be out of touch with this forum so if you still want anything, I can mail out tapes up until that day. Just make an offer!

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    I'm all settled in now, so if you see anything on my list you would like, please contact me. Thanks again!

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