During a game between the Philadelphia Phillies (whom my DH and I are huge fans of) and the Colorado Rockies, a storm came in. The grounds crew ran into trouble trying to put the tarp on the field. One crew member was dragged about 15 feet, another apparently was tossed about 10 feet, 3 members got trapped under the tarp breifly. The Phillies players, including the starting pitcher, all jumped off the bench in the dugout and ran out to help.
Here's an article which includes a video link.

This was a great show of good sportsmanship that had nothing to do with the game. A lot of speculation on the Phillies MB about where the Rockies players were....some say they'd already gone into the club house and didn't know what was going on. I don't know about that...aren't there close circuit tv throughout the ball park and club house and locker room? As far as I know, only one Rockies person was out there helping. The fans in the stands, and the grounds crew, gave the Phillies a big standing ovation and thanked them graciously for their help. It could've had a dangerous outcome with that heavy, rain-soaked tarp trapping those thee men!