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Thread: Plushenko News

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    Plushenko News

    Latest Plushenko news from sportcom (with a very serious skating quota, IMO)

    1. Will have an operation on his meniscus in Germany (believe this was a problem back in 2004 for him too)

    2. Commented that he wants to bring his "Golden Ice" show to Guatemala and open a skating school there. Notes "master class" was done on roller skates, but interest in ice show among teens was high. Two girls showed up for the class in "skating dresses that they made for the event".

    3. Considering moving to Moscow. Actually, I'm surprised if he doesn't already have some sort of property in Moscow. Reasoning: easier to organize shows, PR, etc. in moscow where main work is done. How this affects his "political career" in city council, don't know.... (Berezhnaya was named head of the Youth, Sports and Tourism committee on hers in Stavropol. She was elected to the council, but appointed to the position. If she's ever there, I don't know. Sikharulidze has the same position in Pete, but I actually read where he announced some decision re: tourism, so I guess he actually attends meetings.)

    4. Ari Zakarian announced that Plushenko is starting to become a "producer" for creative talents that he likes who send their video/audio clips to the website "yatalent" _ I'm a talent..... The website worked. Oh, and Zakarian will produce for some of these discovered talented people, as well as some actors and directors.


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    Poor guy. Surgery on the Meniscus! That can be devastating if it is not done correctly. Lucky for Lambiel that it appears to have been done well. Good luck to Evgeni.

    On other more pleasant news, he has a life and is very busy. Looing forward to seeing CoR.


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