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Thread: What pets did you have/photos?

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    Question What pets did you have/photos?

    I love animals. At times, they seem to be my saving grace. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs: 1 maine coon, 1 rescue kitty, a king charles cavalier cocker spaniel, and a lab/bulldog mix.

    You can see my animal pics at

    What animals do you own? Share your pics!


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    Your furbabies are adorable!!!
    I see you are a baseball fan, too....So am I. It's the Philadelphia Phillies for us!

    We have had many, many animals over the years. Goldfish, parakeets, cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, guinea hens, ducks.
    You can see my past pets and present pets at the following websites:

    First is Aggie's site, our Jack Russell Terrier who lived to be just over 17 years old, was our baby, and we just recently lost her in March. Also within Aggie's pages is a page for our Nellie-girl, our pointer-beagle mix:

    This is Philly's site, our 2 year old female cat whom I found in the woods across the street from our house in May '05:

    Our newest additions, Kit and Molly, whom we adopted on April 30th:

    If you browse all the way through AggiesPages and Philly's Pages, you'll find pages of our pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
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