I have skating events dating back to '77 and I plan to move soon and would love to sell any events that anyone would like the original vhs are all yours, $7 a tape would be fine to cover cost of a tape and postage, we can work out something ifyou want several or cannot afford that.
Here is my list, I have everything broadcast since 2003 but I haven't had a chance to update my list in recent years so just ask for any events you may be missing I probably have them.


these are my 70s and 80s events, for in 90s - present click link above

1974 Worlds Dorothy Hamil

1976 Olympics, Dorothy Hamill, long and short program

1977 Robin Cousins - Evening of Champions show

1978 Scott Hamilton Evening of Champions routine to "short people" + encore

Nationals Robert Wagonhoffer/Vicki Heasley
Evening of Champions
Europeans Denise Biellmann

1980 Olympics Torvill & Dean: compulsory dance & free dance & Underhill/Martini long program

1981 Scott Williams and Paul Wylie, single 1981 Junior Worlds
1981 Worlds Brian Orser -
1981 Paul Wylie - skating pairs with Dana Graham local exhibition midwest
Documentary on Scott Hamilton, a little fuzzy

1984 Jr. Worlds, Pairs, women, Midori Ito, Kathy Adams, Koch & others
1984 Nationals Brian Boitano
1984 Olympics women's long programs+ Katerina Witt's short prog
1984 Olympics, scott hamiliton long and short program
1984 Worlds Lloyd Eisler with K. Matousek
Evening of Championship skating

1985, skate america women's comp.
1985 Skate America -Isabelle Brasseur/P. Couchesne

1986 Junior Nationals Women w/out commentary
1986 World G&G clips
Nationals women's programs
1986 Katerina Witt worlds long program
1986 skate america- Kristi and Rudi's performance, exhibitions by Tonya H., Midori Ito
Nationals, women, ABC + home video

1987 worlds, G&Gs long program, Katerina Witt's long program
Some performances, Campbells Tour of World Champions 1987

1988-Nat'ls women,and men, long & Shrt. prog. w/out commentary
1988 Nat'ls women, ABC-TV long prog.
Junior Worlds Womens Long Programs
1988 Nat'ls exhibitions w/out commentary
1988 Calgary Olympics women's long programs, some pairs short and long
a few exhibitions, D. Thomas, B. Orser, Liz manley, G&G
1988 worlds women's short programs
1988, skate america women's comp., some exhibitions
1988 Evening of Championship skating Jimmy fund show at Harvard

89 Junior Worlds Womens Long Programs
89 Nationals women's Short and some Long programs w/out commentary
89 Nationals women's Long programs ABC-TV
89 European Women's Long programs
Stars on Ice 1989
89 Worlds Women's long programs ABC? CBS?
1989,skate america women's comp. Long programs
89 NHK Trophey, Japan, Kristy and Midori Ito
Stars on Ice