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Thread: Abt and Khoholova/Novitsky Interviews

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    Abt and Khoholova/Novitsky Interviews

    Ice Symphony is interviewing their own skaters and putting up interviews. See Ice website (I skip really boring stuff....) These are short, Teen Beat type of interviews, Maureen

    RE: Program "Gasoline"?
    Abt: The idea came to me in America. I heard this wonderful song and decided to make a program. I recommended it to Alexander Zhulin, he liked the idea and we made the number. .

    Re: favorite type of music
    Abt: I don't have particular preference. I listen to what I like and love all music (laughing)

    ...Favorite school subject?
    Abt: History and geography

    Were you an example student?
    Abt: No, I wasn't known for good behavior in school (laughs)

    What is the craziest thing you've done in your life?
    Abt: My life. (laughs) and that my parents gave me to figure skating.

    Would you like to go back to ISU competition?
    Abt: No, I don't have this desire. I gave everything I could, the maximum, to amateur skating. NOw I completely gave myself over to pro skating. It's totally interesting to me.

    Re: Team of Creating Programs?
    Abt: Oh yeah I have a team of professional choreogrphers (laughs). Alexander Zhulin helps. Sometimes Roman Kostomarov, Ilya Averbukh, Nikolai Morozov - thanks!

    Would you like to try SOI pairs like Yagudin?
    Abt: If I get the offer, with pleasure. I'd try pairs. I love to experiment.

    Kholova & Novitsky
    Q. How did you study in school?
    Hohlova: "Until grade 9, I studied in regular school adn practically always made honor roll. IN 9th, 10th and 11th I did correspondence school and got almost all As"

    Novitski: "My story is similar to Yana's (laughs) No Cs."

    Q. In what year did fate connect you and how?
    Novitski: We started skating in 2002, it's a long and very sad story (laughs)-

    Yana: We skated in the same group. He wasn't planning to change partners and was getting ready for jr worlds. I had another partner and we skated at Russian competitions. Then suddenly Sergei's partner said she was quitting. Our then coach Larisa Vladimrovna saw as a team with potential and put us together. In 3 weeks we went to our first competition and won!

    Q. Re: Olympic season
    Sergei "the serious was reasonably successful, we went to Euros, worlds and Olympics for the first time. For rookies we looked good. I think it was successful.

    Q: this past season
    Yana: "We didnt' count on getting Grand Prix Finals and medals at GP events. Maybe we dreamed about it (laughs). We tried the max. Our medals were real rewards for our labor. We didn't expect to be close to the pedastal at Euros. At worlds the main thing was that specialists noticed our skating. So the season was a success!"

    Sergei: "We agreed right away and were really happy. To participate in such a strong team of skaters, travel the country, interact, steal experience really helps our ISU skating and to reveal our abilities and selves more."

    Yana: "It's huge experience. In practice, Tatyana Navka helped us with advice, words, how to do an element better. Masha Petrova and Aleksei Tikhonov, Tanya Tot and Maxim Marinin helped us with lifts."

    Summer plans?
    Yana: "In June we had holiday, went to Turkey. Now we're training."
    With which musical instrument would you analogize the feeling of love?

    Yana: Violin. Violin playing touches the soul. Possible also to a degree the fortepiano".

    ......"In japan, we were so pleased and surprised to see our fans wrote us letters in Russian." ......

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    Yana and Sergei sound like such nice people. Thank you for all the translations; you are a rockstar!

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