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Thread: Tikhonov interview (parts)

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    Tikhonov interview (parts)

    Maureen notes: I'm going to skip a fair bit of this...

    Q. What did you want to do as an adult when you were a kid?
    Tikhonov: "I wanted to be a fighter pilot, but I don't know why..."

    Q. How did you perform in school?
    Tikhonov: Until grade 9 well - a few As, one C (well, maybe 2), but then I started to do a lot worse.
    Q: re: interaction with fans
    "Masha and I try to respect people who approahc us. If somebody asks you for something, why not do it? Why not interact or give an autograph or take a photo? I remember when I was very young and the USSR team came to Samara for exhibitons. That was when I decided I really wanted to skate. I interacted with Sasha Fadeev, Gordeev and Grinkov came, Artur Dmitriev with Natasha. It was very interesting to watch them interact and how they behaved with people. You could say that I have people from whom it makes sense to take their example. I hope that our kind interaction will help people a bit in life. Even a bit of a good mood, a bit of a smile can make our life better."

    Q. What you like best about Maria's character, can you say "I could go to battle with her on my side!"
    Tikhonov: "Absolutely. In her character I like - honesty, internal kindness, wisdom and emotional/spiritual beauty."

    Q. Priorities
    Tikhonov: "Now family will take first place. We have skated enough in life and I think fairly successfully. It's time to do something different. Although I'll happily skate in Ilya's tour, SOI 2 and other projects. But now family and having babies takes first place."

    Q: Coaching
    Tikhonov: "For now, we plan to consult, to help our coaches in their work with young teams. If someone asks us for help to make a program or to learn pair elements and so on, we'll always help."

    Q. Which victory - maybe not in sports, was the most important in your life?
    Tikhonov: "In sport, there were enough victories. In my case, it's that my parents are proud of me. It's my victory and theirs too. And that people enjoy interacting with us and it gives them joy...."

    Q> Do you think about the future or prefer to live day-by-day?
    Tikhonov: "I think about the future, but I don't have a plan for the next 10 years. I plan a year at a time, something works out and something doesn't. LIfe is always very interesting, even if something isn't successful."

    Q. Whose opinion do you value re: your skating?
    Tikhonov: The opinion of understanding skating professionals. The opinion of your coach, great specialists like Tatiana Tarasova. The federation usually goes along with specialists' opinions. It's important how you assess the program. Masha and I made mistakes. For example, we thought we'll get it done, we'll achieve, it'll work - but some programs never "took".

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    Thank you for translating this (and so many others). I like reading the Alexei Tikhnov interviews -- he is such a nice guy.

    BTW, do you know if he is any relation to the Alexei Tikhnov who works with the Russian Academy of Sciences where they recently found the 10,000 year old mammoth?


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    I doubt; name Alexei is extremely common, and surname Tikhonov isn't too rare either (it comes from the name Tikhon, extremely common in Russian villages in the old days)

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