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Thread: The Character of the Music in the PCS scores

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    The Character of the Music in the PCS scores

    We discussed this item some time ago and were lucky enough to get Joe Inman's views on it.

    It came about from a group of Irina fans praising Irina's Tosca. I questioned whether one should consider the character of the story rather than the essence of the music.

    It was much debated.


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    I'm still drowning in the Choreography thread..

    I'm curious if we can go back and read that older discussion - how do we search for it?

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    I actually like it when a skater creates a character rather then just skates to the music. But it is all very debatable because it comes down to a persons preference. I for one did not care for Irinia's Tosca but it was okay. I didn't dislike it. I felt that Sasha was the best at interpreting music. But I am sure a lot of people will argue with me.
    I was thinking about Yakari Nagano's Cinderella program from last season. I loved that music and the program was okay, but I neve got the feeling that she was Cinderella. So, it all goes back to preference.

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