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    Jules Asner

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    this movie is about a screenwriter with a severe case of writer's block and a deadline - he's trying to write a screenplay, an adaptation of the book "The Orchid Thief" - it was a bit odd, interesting, at times funny and overall very good, especially the very exciting and fun-filled ending :D

    kwanderful performances by Chris Cooper (creeeeepy), Cage and Streep.

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    Re: Adaptation

    Sounds intriguing....probably won't see it until it gets to the rental stage..........hubby only likes to see blood and guts type movies............42

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    Re: Adaptation

    I saw Adaptation and quite enjoyed it. It was filled with "twists" right up until the end. I thought Nicholas Cage did a great acting job.


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    Re: Adaptation

    If hubby only likes blood and guts, rent "Three Kings," which stars the director of "Adaptation," Spike Jonze (it's directed by David O. Russell and you don't want to know what his first movie is:lol: ). Spike Jonze also directed "Being John Malkovich" and Fat Boy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" video where Christopher Walken dances up a storm--woo-woo!

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