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Thread: Caroline should bring back some of the moves from early last season

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    Caroline should bring back some of the moves from early last season

    Namely, her biellmann spin (where she made her feet touch her head), the cool ending spin at the end of the posted link below, and the forward charlotte in her spiral sequence. As the season progressed, last year, she got rid of all of these moves from her repitore probably for any number of reasons (wanted to choose moves that might better interpret the music, she could no longer do the spin, etc.) I really liked her version of the biellmann, but at nationals and worlds, she took that position out and did a standard, yet beautiful, biellmann. I hope she brings back some of these moves though.

    From early last season:

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    yeah, i really liked that belliman spin that she had. But I have to admit that her spiral sequnce got better as time went on... her back was held up really nicely at the end of the season... that's somthing she obviosly worked on. that new variation that she did no YRMU exebition, holding her leg up with her shoulder and arm was REALLY unique and cool. I hope she puts it in her competitive programs. Caroline also looked as if she felt the music a lottel bit more towrds tha end of the season... so i guess you trade one thing for another....

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    Yeah, I like the Biellmann where she brings her foot down to her head -- I think she was still doing it at JGP Taipei. The forward Charlotte is really hard and really cool but probably doesn't look as flowing or elegant as the normal change of edge she ended up with later -- she got level 4 later on anyway, so why sacrifice speed and elegance for a harder move? The final spin in a held-Arabesque position looks beautiful, she did it in her Nationals LP '06 and they showed it in the "Little Girls Have Dreams Too." She replaced it with the "pearl" later in '07, which is probably a harder and more impressive position. Hopefully she can find a way to put both into her programs next year -- possible since she'll get one more spin in the senior LP.

    But then again, maybe she'll invent new spin and spiral positions next year which will be even more impressive and elegant, and there will be no room for these older, "simpler" moves.

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