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Thread: Liberty 2007 news & results

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    Liberty 2007 news & results

    I'm at the 2007 Liberty club competition in Aston, PA (and having a blast along with other Internet skating fans) and haven't had time to post here until now.

    Link to reports at FSU (starting with Junior Men's SP on page 4, also Senior Pairs, Men and Ladies):

    The Liberty FSC site is posting official results (they have results for some events up to mid-afternoon yesterday):
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    That's great that you are having a blast - can't wait to hear more!!! Enjoy!!

    :banging: I can't get into FSU results forum - :banging:

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    You have to register (it's free) and be registered in order to view FSU's Kiss and Cry forum (where the Liberty thread is) but I'm not sure how long it will take.

    BreakfastClub extracted the following info/results from a copy of the detailed protocol (BC's comments are in parentheses; BC's detailed senior men's report is on page 5 along with haribobo's senior ladies' SP summary).

    Here's BreakfastClub's summary of the Senior Men's SP results and info extracted from a copy of the detailed protocol (BC's comments are in parentheses).

    1. Patrick Chan 66.16 (37.21/28.95)
    2. Stephen Carriere 63.04 (35.34/27.70 - got all Lv4 on spins)
    3. Jeremy Abbott 62.98 (33.28/30.70 - highest PCS - got full credit and + GOE for 4t3t - 13.50 pts!)
    4. Shaun Rogers 60.78 (32.89/27.89 full credit for 4t)
    5. Rohene Ward 59.78 (29.14/30.64 - 2nd highest PCS almost ties Jeremy - also got 4t full credit)
    [Sylvia's note for emma: 4T turnout no combo, 1A, steps including bracket turn into 3Z; wonderful spins and footwork that really expressed his blues guitar program to "The Messiah Will Come Again" from 2006 Nationals; he didn't give up on his program despite the early jump mistakes.]
    6. Viktor Pfeifer 57.09 (28.27/28.82)
    7. Traighe Rouse 54.80 (28.56/26.24 - not bad for a 3s combo )
    8. Jonathan Cassar 51.90 (27.95/23.95)
    9. Douglas Razzano 50.93
    10. Brandon Mroz 48.26 (did get full credit for 3a)
    11. Fabio Mascarello 46.31
    12. Casey McCraw 45.52 (got full credit for rotation on 4t)
    13. Wesley Campbell 45.14
    14. Peter Lindstrom 38.80
    15. Robbie Crowley 35.91
    16. Mauro Bruni 35.45 (too bad, his overall quality deserves better than last place)
    Other senior results from Friday...

    50.19 Hacker
    48.43 Cannarozzo
    46.15 Williams-Stewart
    44.99 Boulos
    44.61 Gleason
    43.41 Houston
    39.66 B. Bereswill
    38.65 T. Firth
    36.15 Jordan
    30.79 Jeffers
    28.94 Stern
    27.05 A. Sheikh
    25.73 Yee
    23.20 Morgan
    20.60 Crenshaw
    18.19 O'Connor
    WD: Ho, Kitsell, Riordan, Strauss, Wilson

    50.91 Wagner
    49.96 Flatt
    48.55 B. Rosenthal
    44.03 Bugaeva
    42.78 Oberstar
    42.52 Forte
    41.34 Roth
    39.63 Kaiser
    30.75 LaHurd
    30.74 V. James (GBR)
    30.63 Zinsmeister
    29.75 Legg
    29.11 Kiang
    27.64 Lazenby
    27.58 Siegel
    22.95 Yacomes
    WD: DeSanctis, Hansley, Houser, McDonald, Shepard, Stubbolo

    97.13 McLaughlin/Brubaker (TES 52.83/PCS 44.30)
    94.87 Evora/Ladwig (TES 53.17/PCS 41.70)
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    Quote Originally Posted by emma View Post
    That's great that you are having a blast - can't wait to hear more!!! Enjoy!!

    :banging: I can't get into FSU results forum - :banging:
    It's set to 'private' now. I was still able to see some notes yesterday. Looks like the new jump sequence rule has a serious impact on pair skaters. Both senior pairs had to use simple double+double combination jump, and it was a mess.

    I hope Sylvia and her friends will be able to copy some notes here.

    BTW, fsvids has McLaughlin & Brubaker's SP. It's a good performance, and i believe that was the first time they added sbs triple jump. I also uploaded this video to youtube, since the video provider does not want to float it around due to copyright concern, I set the youtube link to 'private'. Anybody wants to take a peek at McLaughlin & Brubaker's performance, IM me please.

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    You are sooooo awesome, Sylvia!!! Thanks - sad to see RW in 5th but really glad he didn't give up, and I like that sp music, I remember it well. Ok, now I can get some work done today!

    About FSU - I am registered but I think I need to purchase a season pass or subsribe to access Kiss and Cry ... Thanks for your updates here!

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    Hey, somehow I missed the fact that Rachel Flatt would be there - wow, this is quite a line up of young women!

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    I'm a member at FSU and I can't view the forums marked "private"

    Interesting to see Ashley scored higher than Rachael though not by much. I can't wait to see the video.

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    I'll repost these senior level skating reports of these two people who I know and am pretty sure they won't mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by BreakfastClub
    Whew, I finally got connected to the wifi! Here's senior men. Sylvia is off looking for results now.

    Shaun Rogers probably has this despite not being about to make the combination on the quad turnout. Patrick Chan should be right up there too and had the best overall quality.

    Patrick Chan (CAN)
    Dissonant modern piano concerto (we guessed Lori Nichol is mining CDs) in last year’s blue/black SP costume. 3a (double threes) 3f3t beautiful, dramatic skid on music change marking the beginning of circ step – really tiffin’ it. Big death drop, 3z, level changes (high to low) and overall control of edges in str step are amazing. Beautiful skater.

    Jonathan Cassar
    Blues, heavy on string bass, muted brass, black vest & maroon shirt. 3f2t (ok but good quality for him ), 3z s/o, chg sit many pos & fast, cir step, great fly in flying sit nice broken leg variation, 2a big smile!, nice str step to music, showed some nice, camel to oustide edge camel w/seamless change. Great spins, showed good personality throughout the program; just needs some more knee bend and speed, I’d like to see him to get into the ice more.

    Robbie Crowley
    Totentanz in black bodysuit w/silver sparkles. Tall good looking blonde guy. Opened with commanding stroking and a 2a, but then 3z really slowed down telegraphed/ur and fall, 3r again heavy telegraph ur/fall, fast and intersting combination spin, death drop the “fly” was labored but the spin was good, circ step, change sit. Good spinner.

    Wesley Campbell
    Fuscha shirt, black pants, Mendelsohn Violin Concerto. Open w/change sit clean and precise in psoitions, 3f bad ur hard fall (ouch), 3a fall, comb spin beautiful positions – his lines are so clean, circ step, 3z hand f/o 2t, diagonal str step not sure if it was truly end-to-end, death drop. Missed jumps took the air out of the program. Too bad, he’s a good skater.

    Whee a EUROGROUP!!!

    Doug Razzano
    Warsaw Concerto in sequined blue tissue shirt with black pants. 3a hand s/o, 3z hand 2t, 3r, not a big guy but skates “big” with speed. Footwork could use more attack. Good fast spins, change sit in particular was well done. All three jumps at the beginnig made the program anti-climactic.

    Fabio Mascarello ITA
    Moonlight Sonata traditional to quirky electronica crossover version (so Eurovoidy!) in black with silver accents. Was trying 3r3r in warmup. 3r hand 2t squirrely, 3f good height, 2a, good spins but overall could use more energy and speed, footwork was slow, didn’t show much personality out there. The unique music completely overpowered him.

    Casey McCraw (Broadmoor)
    Parts of it was Dragonheart (not cut very well IMO) in princely black & gold w/purple sleeves. 4z s/o (WOW! Big air!), 3a clean but no flow, 3f, spins were labored, tripped in str ftw, overall program completely fizzled out after the excitement of the opening jumps. He landed the quad in practice yesterday.

    Viktor Pfeifer (Ice Works… no Austria )
    More traditional Moonlight Sonata to Beethoven’s Last Night in all black velvet. Tano 3z2t (big lutz!), 2a, 3f, really down in his knees stroking like an ice dancer, tiffed the steps like a good seasoned Euro veteran, super voidy combination spin that got lots of applause. Overall he was slow for my tastes (and a bit scratchy) but genuinely skated up the big music, commanded attention and scored big on the applause-o-meter. Blew kisses to the audience while bowing like a proper diva should.

    Peter Lindstrom
    Amazing Grace/movie soundtrack program in all black w/sequins. 3f hand 2t very squirrely, 3z 2ft ur fall, 2a, str step took forever really wove back & forth felt labored. Spins ok.

    Traighe Rouse
    Had a big fan club in the audience! Duel by Bond in swirly black/gray/white outfit. 3s2t, nearly fell in serp step and tiffed the moment for all it worth – fun, 3z, 2a. Was a bit sloppy and wild but gave loads to the choreography and totally fun to watch, great attitude and nice to see in a comeback after so many injuries.

    Stephen Carriere
    Stairway to Heaven flamenco-esque solo classical acoustic guitar version in burgundy shirt. Opened with CW circ step very gentile, 3a s/o, 3f2t, wicked fast chg sit, 3z very clean, death drop w/flying change of foot feature and very fast, could get more into his knees in the str steps, final comb spin a tad sloppy. Nice program with lots of room to grow, he moves well across the ice.

    Rohene Ward
    Last year’s (and 2006’s) SP to the Messiah Will Come, same costume. I heard he was only going to try the 3t3t but then he started warming up the quad. 4t turn out (looked rotated), 1a, 3z clean but squirrely. Of course, the steps and spins were just fine this time, really nice scratch to end but obviously was disappointed and it affect the tone of the entire performance.

    Brandon Mroz
    Same Kurt Browning choreo’d Night on Bald Mountain in same junior black/silver sparkles on Wed night. 3a ur? fall, 3r, 2a at end. Still needs to show more personality to go with the busy steps. On second viewing the steps are busy, the music is busy but I don’t see much connection between the two, not sure if I should blame Kurt or Brandon.

    Jeremy Abbott
    Seems to have dyed his hair darker (or gone back to his natural color). Santana in black with sequins. 4t3t (poss 2ft on 4t but great flow & we’ll take it!) 3a ur and VERY hard fall major audience gasp, but shook right off and completed great combo spin to encouraging applause, good circ step, death drop, 2z, change sit a bit slow, tiffin str step ends the program at end of rink. Someone commented “what a mixed bag” – no kidding. Maybe landing the quad wasn’t such a great thing.

    Mauro Bruni
    Bolero in solid black, choreographed by Ye-Bin Mok. 3f nearly had it but fell, 1a, 3z skiddy w/hand, nice classic comb spin with innovative upright position, same good basic skater as always, needs more time to get the triples back. Choreography was simple but nice touches, I liked her work.

    Shaun Rogers
    Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky in gray/black warrior outfit. 4t turn out, 3a awesome, 3f, good speed and attack on everything, spins were basic but fast, interesting footwork. He looks well trained.

    Daphnis & Chloe/Reveri. Lavender outfits. Nice entry to 3tw (whew after last night's disaster), th3z hands down, 3s/2s (too bad he doubled it was one of her best attempts), great SBS spins garnered applause, scary but well down backward lasso (? it was a bizzare entry) to tricky no handed carry, pair spiral, th 3r both hands down(?), SBS 2r/2r (he did 2r1r), back press to toss flip over (!) to platter, unusual hand holds in pair spin, basic 1H axel lasso. They are never boring!

    Prokofiev R&J, not cut well and gets repetitive. Fuscha & magenta, big high clean catch 3tw, th3s s/o, hip !H star to carry, SBS 2a, pair spin with nice speed, spiarl wobble issues, th3r 2ft s/o, toe lasso basic 1H overhead switch hands 1H set down, 2z1t really a mess, off synch SBS spin, sort losing steam here... SBS steps, axel lasso to basic 1H with backwards 1H set down, BIDS. Great speed.
    Quote Originally Posted by haribobo
    Here is my recap of senior ladies short program groups, in order of placement (not every skater is recapped, I missed a few, but thanks to friends for filling in details on some stuff.


    1. Katrina Hacker- 3t-2t, 3r (fallout), 2ax. Great spins and spirals, great layback, exquisite overall. Score: 50

    2. Juliana Cannarozzo- 3f (to)-2t, 3r, 2ax. Good spins and spirals, very solid overall. Score: 48

    3. Megan Williams-Stewart- 3r-3r (little fallout on 2nd jump, otherwise great, first attempt I've seen her do of this! wow! Totally nailed it in the warmup too), 1z, 2ax. Good spirals and footwork, a bit slowish on spins, same program as last year, which is wonderful, great program and music. Score: 46

    4. Michelle Boulos- 3r-2t (fallout), 3t nice!, 2ax. Nice piano music kind of sounded like Philip Glass music, liked music and program a lot. Score: 44

    5. Kylie Gleason 3s (so), 3t-2t (shaky 2t), 2ax. Nice spins. Score: 44

    6. Jessica Houston- 3f (X), 3r-2t, 2ax. Tango, same from last year, good expression. Score: 43

    7. Becky Bereswill- 3z (fo), 3t (2ft)-2t, 2ax. Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Nice job. Score: 39

    8. Taylor Firth- 3f-2t (stepout on 2t), 2s, 2ax. Same program from last year. Improved spirals. Score: 38

    9. Shantel Jordan- 2ax, 3r-2t, 2s. Music maybe Yanni? Score 36

    10. Kimmi Jeffers- 2ax (messy landing), 3t-1t, 3s (X). Blues music, good program. Score 30


    1. Ashley Wagner- 3z-2t, 2ax, 3f. Great layback with catchfoot, good spins and footwork. Extremely sharp, expressive, nuanced program (loved the lunge and the head roll in footwork) to Henry VIII. Favorite program I've seen her do to date, really great stuff. Score: 50

    2. Rachael Flatt- 3r, 3z-3t (2nd jump downgraded but didn't look bad to me), 2ax. Strong on most elements, nice expression to music. Score: 49

    3. Blake Rosenthal- 3z to 2t, 3r nice, 2ax great. Good spirals and flow, nice edges. Close Without Touching (last year's SP). Score: 48

    4. Jane Bugaeva- sweet hydro moves to begin. 2ax great, 3f (leaned but ok), 3z (2ft)-2t. Some catchfoot positions dragged down the speed and level of the spins, but otherwise cool program and cool 80s theme. Score: 44

    5. Molly Oberstar- 3r (fallout), 3s-2t, 2ax. Good elements, gorgeous program and music (instrumental Time after Time). Love her skating. Score: 42

    6. Joelle Forte- 3t-2t, 2ax, 3s. Totally clean on the jumps, needs more expression and choreography to become a memorable skater. Score 42

    7. Stephanie Roth- 3t-3t (2ft on 2nd jump but rotations looked good!!! first time I saw her do this combo too). Great straightline footwork, wonderful expression and program to Once Upon A Time In Mexico. Score 41

    8 Ambar Kaiser- 3z (fallout), 3r, 2ax. Good flying camel with catchfoot, Cuban sounding music, nice expression, peppy and fun. Score 39

    9 Alexandra LaHurd- 3s-2t, 3t, 2ax (X). Good flying sit spin, music was Irina's "Queen of Hearts" program. Score 30

    10 Vanessa James- 3z, 3r (X=fall), 1ax. Malaguena. Good footwork, nice expression. Score 30

    11 Kristin Zinsmeister- 3r, 2s-1t, 2ax (und.). Henry VIII. Nice job. Score 30

    12 Abigail Legg- 3z (X), 2r (und/2ft), 1ax. Great expression to Blues for Klook. Cool lunge turn move. Score 29

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    Quote Originally Posted by emma View Post
    You are sooooo awesome, Sylvia!!! Thanks - sad to see RW in 5th but really glad he didn't give up, and I like that sp music, I remember it well. Ok, now I can get some work done today!

    About FSU - I am registered but I think I need to purchase a season pass or subsribe to access Kiss and Cry ... Thanks for your updates here!
    I love that music. I'm sorry he had the mistakes, but I'm glad it looks like he's learning to work through and keep going after the mistakes.

    As for FSU, they must've decided the new season started today b/c I could get into Kiss & Cry yesterday.

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    fsvids, on the other hand, promises to post a vid or two.

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    Thanks Sylvia, keep us posted!

    I can't believe Wagner beat Flatt in the SP. I can't wait for the free skate. It's nice to see some of the guys trying the quad. I wish I could see it. I never heard of Hacker. What is the 3r???
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    "3r" is shorthand for "triple loop." Because both loop and lutz start with "l," to avoid confusion, lutz is abbreviated "z" and loop, "r." This is short for "Rittberger," whichi is what the jump used to be called in some German-speaking countries. Maybe it still is, I don't really know.

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    I'm glad to see Wagner do well. She's a great skater with tons of personality. I'll be rooting for her to do well here and for her to get a Worlds spot come January.

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    I'm a member of FSU, and I can't access the link.

    Interesting to see Ashley Wagner beat Rachael Flatt in the SP, but it's a very small margin. Too bad Rachael still seems to be having problems with her 3/3's fully rotated. If she can come back in the LP with a good 3/3, she can probably still win. Unless Ashley surprises us with a 3/3 that we don't yet know about.

    Are Katrina Hacker & Patrick Chan Canadians? I didn't know that non-Americans compete in these summer competitions...

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    Katrina Hacker was the 2005 Novice bronze medalist at the U.S. Nationals. Last year she placed 5th at the Junior Grand Prix event in Romania, won the North Atlantic Regionals, and placed 6th at sectionals.

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