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Thread: 2002 Census Estimates

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    2002 Census Estimates

    Most Populated States
    California 35,116,033
    Texas 21,779,893
    New York 19,157,532
    Florida 16,713,149 (4th fastest growing state)
    Illinois 12,600,620
    Pennsylvania 12,335,091
    Ohio 11,421,267
    Michigan 10,050,446
    New Jersey 8,590,300 (Most crowded state)
    Georgia 8,560,310 (5th fastest growing state)
    North Carolina 8,320,146
    Virginia 7,293,542

    Largest Cities
    New York City, New York 8,152,447
    Los Angeles, California 3,850,002
    Chicago, Illinois 2,878,640
    Houston, Texas 2,018,101
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1,494,787
    Phoenix, Arizona 1,435,607 (2nd fasted growing city by %)
    San Diego, California 1,289,467
    Dallas, Texas 1,242,066
    San Antonio, Texas 1,216,759
    San Jose, California 945,955
    Detroit, Michigan 919,878
    Indianapolis, Indiana 803,805
    San Francisco, California 793,044
    Jacksonville, Florida 773,134
    Columbus, Ohio 737,083
    20. Charlotte, North Carolina 589,027
    41. Atlanta, Georgia 423,971

    Largest Metropolitan Areas
    New York City/Long Island/Northern New Jersey: 21,581,463
    Los Angeles/Riverside/Orange County: 16,963,096
    Chicago/Gary: 9,459,739
    Washington DC/Baltimore: 7,904,785
    San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose: 7,271,661
    Philadelphia/Wilmington/Camden: 6,281,290
    Boston/Worcester/Lancaster: 5,941,301
    Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington/Plano: 5,676,098
    Detroit/Flint/Ann Arbor: 5,538,274
    Houston/Galvenston/Brazoria Co.: 5,019,789
    Atlanta/Decatur/Dekalb Co.: 4,543,979
    Miami/Ft. Lauderdale: 4,120,592
    Seattle/Tacoma: 3,768,046
    Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale: 3,690,879 (2nd fastest growing Metro)
    Minneapolis/St. Paul: 3,120,215

    Most Crowded Cities
    New York City, New York: 26,392 Persons per square mile
    San Francisco, California: 16,982
    Jersey City, New Jersey: 16,304
    Santa Ana, California: 13,407
    Chicago, Illinois: 12,670
    Hialeah, Florida: 12,642
    Newark, New Jersey: 11,183
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 11,064
    Yonkers, New York: 10,391
    Miami, Florida: 10,243
    Long Beach, California: 9,590
    Washington DC: 9,177
    Baltimore, Maryland: 8,276
    Los Angeles, California: 8,204
    Anaheim, California: 7,893

    Just some interesting info i came across...:rollin:

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    Re: 2002 Census Estimates

    Interesting info, Callystarr. Thanks. I grew up in Phoenix and it was always high on the list of fastest growing cities and unfortunately, it shows. Worst city planning I've ever seen--actually that should be no city planning. Awful suburban sprawl. No offense to people who love living there, but the whole Phoenix metropolitan area--not for me! (Now watch, I'll end up living there:lol: )

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    Re: 2002 Census Estimates

    Callystarr, Thanks for the interesting info. What I want to know is why Hialeah FL has people packed in that tightly?
    They can't all be there for the dog tracks can they?
    Or is it nursing home central?

    Anyone know?


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    Re: 2002 Census Estimates

    I love your statistical posts, Callystarr. They are always interesting reading.

    I see that Detroit fell below 1 million for the first time. People around here think that's terrible, but I don't. What do we need all those people for?


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