I'm in the little hell called music-choosing at the moment. I have been looking for musik to my new short program the entire summer, but find none so far. I was wondering if you creative people out there could help and give me some ideas.

I'm a 20 year old Novice and one of those skaters who'd rather stab themselves in the eye than skate to Carmen... (as Kwanford Wife said it) or swan lake. My style on the ice is fairly similar to Irina Slutskaya's. I am looking for something original with lots of emotion and power (not too slow, my spirals pretty much sucks), something you haven't seen a million times before.

My earlier programs have been:
The neverending story (free)
Lord of the Dance (free)
Ghostbusters (short)
Phantom of the Opera [a rock version] (free)
Gladiator (short)
The Addams Family (free)
Peter Pan [the 2003 one] (short)
Celtic Tiger (free)

I would be so greatful for any kind of help. I am so stuck and completely out of ideas.
Thanks guys