I'm slowly converting my figure skating tapes to DVD. I have the following original tapes for sale. I'm asking $7.00 each, plus shipping (your choice media mail or priority.) I will also ship to other countries. I take Paypal payment. Please PM if interested.

Tape #1: 1994 Ice Wars Exhibitions CBS . Oksana Baiul "The Swan", Nancy Kerrigan "Pressure", Kurt Browning "Don't Let the Sun Go Down", Brian Boitano "Kiss Me", Kristi Yamaguchi "The Power of Love". January 1995 American Skating Invitational CBS. Ladies Technical program: Oksana Baiul "Enigma", Roz Sumners "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", Josee Chouinard "Look Like an Angel", Katarina Witt "Flowers", Denise Bielmann, Yuka Sato "Lawrence of Arabia" Review of Yuka at 1994 Worlds, Caryn Kadavy "You Send Me". Ladies Artistic Program: Oksana Baiul "Ave Maria", Roz Sumners "True Love", Katarina Witt "I Belong to Me", Yuka Sato "Hold On Together", Caryn Kadavy "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", Denise Bielmann "Bachianus Brasilerras" + interviews and skating montage. Tape is recorded in SP and picture is excellent.

Tape #2: 1997 World Professional Championships NBC Mens Technical: Brian Boitano, Viktor Petrenko, Kurt Browning, Rudy Galindo and clips of Oksana Baiul. Dance Technical: Usova & Zhulin, Roca & Sur. Ladies Technical: Josee Chouinard, Denise Bielmann, Oksana Baiul, Katia Gordeeva, Nancy Kerrigan, Kristi Yamaguchi. Dance Artistic: Webster & Kravette, profile of Roca & Sur, Usova & Zhulin, Roca & Sur. Mens Artistic: Viktor Petrenko, Brian Boitano, Rudy Galindo, Kurt Browning. Ladies Artistic: Oksana Baiul, Nancy Kerrigan, Denise Bielmann, Katia Gordeeva, Kristi Yamaguchi + interviews and awards. Tape recorded in SLP, picture is good.

Tape #3 Tara Lipinski as Marni on "The Young and the Restless. This is from 1998. Also has Katia Gordeeva's "Target" commercial and the commercial for Tara's TV Special. Recorded in SP. Very good picture.