2007 Shenzhen International Roller Skating、 Skating and Skiing Supplies Exhibition
Invitation Letter
Approving unit: Guangdong Province Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Office
Shenzhen Trade and Industry Bureau
Sponsors: Huiyi Exhibition Group Co,Ltd
Guangzhou Huiyi Exhibition Co,Ltd
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Comments participate the greatest authority brand Roller Skating exhibition in the South China region

Roller-skating is a fashion Extreme Sports integrated with high-low impact aerobics, fitness, athletic, arts, leisure . Both physical activity and enhance the people's will. Its main for the "indoor and outdoor recreational activities." The global Roller Skating product sales growth has far exceeded the sporting goods, the development momentum is strong, according to statistics, the global Skating products trade amount to as much as 70 billion U.S. dollars in 2001. Due to growing market, the annual growth rate growth from 10% a few years ago to 27.3% in 2003. Within the next five years, the Chinese Skating product growth rate will not change above 50%, the output value of the United States Roller Skating、 skating and Skiing supplies wii be more than 150 billion dollars, the EU's annual sales 55 billion euros, but in China last year, only 10 billion, The huge potential is an irresistible temptation for the roller-skating, ice-skating, skiing supplies market saturation manufacturers who from the Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea .
Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao as the center of the Pearl River Delta region, is the largest
roller-skating equipment manufacturing base in the world, about 80% of the Roller Skating leisure shoes produced in the PRD, but these Roller Skating production enterprises are of not high technology content, little added value, export products mainly leisure shoes, small-scale enterprises, high-grade roller-skating shoes, especially competition shoes rely on foreign imports or Taiwan. Therefore, we need to strengthen scientific research to strengthen enterprises, develop the high technology content Roller Skating shoes into domestic and foreign markets, This PRD will create a more competitive products. one pair of High-grade roller-skating shoes cost million, no less than other relatively high value-added industries, which makes the development prospects of the roller-skating manufacturing become wider.
Shenzhen as the first Special Economic Zone in China, after 20 years of development, Shenzhen has become China's mainland GDP per capita the highest in the city. comprehensive economic strength in the forefront of major cities in the country, and import and export volume for 12 consecutive years ranked first in the country. The developed market economy system and All-embracing immigrant cultures make Shenzhen become the most vitality Economic development city in China, Meanwhile, Shenzhen is the sole owner of the land, sea and airport city and becautiful seaside tourist citie in south of China.
"2007 Shenzhen International Roller Skating 、Skating and Skiing Supplies Exhibition " will depend on the superior geopolitical environment of Shenzhen and Hong Kong and huge market space. We should carry out conscientiously the promotion and organization work of the exhibition ,and do a good job in the procurement invitation work, building the exhibition to the greatest authority brand roller-skating exhibition in the South China region .
Venue Introduction
Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center was constructed by the Shenzhen city government investing . designed by German GMP company, Jiang Zemin titles for it . which is the largest single construction in Shenzhen Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center located in the central business district of city, covers 220,000 square meters and the total area is 105,000 square meters,which can hold 5000 large-scale exhibition booth with international standards .
Organization and promotion
The organizing committee establish 20 persons customer service department, which are Specialized responsible for inviting the procurement. Publishing the exhibition advertising all-round through telephone, fax, e-mail, professional Magazine , websites, public newspapers, Series , A.D.road board and so on…The organizing committee plans to mail 20,000 invitations, 50,000 invitation letters, 200,000 vouchers to the domestic and foreign enterprises. Invitating the domestic and international import & export companies ,especially Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Southeast Asia and South of China. the GTF businessmen and traders, wholesalers, distributors , western restaurants in south of China, hotels, bars and other related industry come to visit and Procure. Meanwhile inviting manufacturers, distributors, dealers and other professionals to the meeting.
Exhibition Range
Roller Skating Supplies: Skateboards cars, skateboards, roller-skating shoes, protective equipment, wheels, bearings shoes body,shoes hangers ,tools, roadblocks and other related supplies.
Skating supplies : Skating shoes , Hanbing shoes, roller-skating shoes, Single Wheel shoes, synchronized shoes, dance shoes, flying shoes, wheels, skating round, Operation Catherine Wheel, Meteor launches, Star Ferry, sliding halo, photoelectric round, luminescent round, helmets and splints, in use, retaining hand, Hu Yao, elbow pads, Huhuai and leg protectors blast, Guarding the back range, dental pad, and other skating supplies;
Ski supplies : Skate shoes, ice knife shoes, ski boards, ski mirror, skiing stick, sledding, skiing fixation device, ski boards fixation device, skiing circles, Ski package, snow motorized, snowmobiling, snow vehicles, sled car, ski boats, snow pressure machine, skiing shoes, skiing boots, ski gloves, ski suits, ski jacket, ski jackets, ski protection head, ski mask, ice knife ,flower knife, Ball knives and other ski supplies.
Related industries : various Roller Skating accessories products; Roller-skating venue construction materials and equipment, and related media, magazines, web sites.
Exhibition Rates
Area A Booth (3M × 3M) 9 ㎡ Home enterprises ¥9,800 /exhibition period foreign enterprises
﹩2,000/ exhibition period
Area B Booth (3M × 3M) 9 ㎡ Home enterprises
¥8,800/exhibition period foreign enterprises
﹩1,800/ exhibition period
Area C Booth (3M × 3M) 9 ㎡ Home enterprises
¥7,800/exhibition period foreign enterprises
﹩1,500/ exhibition period
Museum (indoor)open land (36 ㎡ rental) Home enterprises
¥880/㎡/exhibition period Foreign enterprises
﹩180 / ㎡/exhibition period
Museum (outdoor)open land (18㎡ rental) Home enterprises to ¥600/㎡/ exhibition period Foreign enterprises
﹩150 / ㎡/exhibition period
■Standard booth equipped: wall panels, one table,two chairs,two light,one fascia board, carpet and paper basket
■ double-open moribund¥500 / booth / exhibition period. If customers need other facilities ,They can apply for hiring ahead to the organizing committee or owned by themselives.
■ open space : Moribund ¥50 per square meter management fee, without any facilities, exhibitors or commissioned their own design, decoration.
■ Note : Foreign exhibitors include : multinational corporations, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and the exhibitors of the domestic offices; MNCs No matter whether with branches or offices or production in China , a uniform treatment of foreign exhibitors.
[Exhibition Catalogue] (advertising space from the advertising on their own design)
Front cover ¥18,000 Inside back
cover ¥10,000 Arches
¥8,000/exhibition period
Back cover ¥12,000 Color Page
¥5,000 Gift bags ¥20,000/5,000 pieces
Head page ¥ 8,000 Black
And white page ¥3,000 Ticket
advertising ¥10,000/20,000pieces
Inside front ¥1,000 Enterprises
Introduction ¥800 Visitors’
advertising ¥20,000/30,000pieces
Exhibition set up some exclusive title sponsor, Special sponsor and matching activities sponsor , according to the specific circumstances provide related return, specific program is prepared.
Exhibition Procedures
1, If you company will apply for exhibition, please fill in the application form with official seals carefully then, fax to the organizing committee
2, The exhibitors are required to remitted the fees into the account designated within three days,and faxed the Bottom banks remittance to the organizing committee of the General Assembly. Invoices will be opened unity during the exhibition .Within three days after application, the participation fees will not be remitted to the General Assembly designated accounts, the organizing committee has the right to target the booth to adjust.
3, To Convenient domestic and international procurement / dealers understand the exhibitions, please exhibitors applicate and participate the exhibition as soon as possible,and provide companies’ products and diagram information, the organizing committee will transfer it to every procurement / dealers in the domestic and international by the message of exhibition ,the preview before exhibition, electronic network . early application, early benefit.
4 The booth is confirmed , if exhibitors demand to withdraw the application, without consent of the organizing committee, the exhibition rates is refundable ; the exhibition rates has not been completed within deadline, the organizing committee have the right to revoke its eligibility exhibitors.The exhibitors mustn’t transfer their booth privately.
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