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Thread: Disney bans smoking

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    Disney bans smoking

    When I've read this I was really surprised. What are they going to do? Cenzor the movies such as 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan or Mickey Mouse, just because a character smoke? It's ridicoulous!!!! This isn't the proper way to avoid kids from smoking. More you cenzor, more you ban, more the kids will see it as something interesting. Just how many young people I saw smoking when I was in the USA. Just how many youngsters smoke in Italy.
    I don't think that if the kids see the evil character of 101 Dalmatians smoking, they see it as a role model and they will start smoking. C'mon it's ridiculous!!! The kids smoke, because they think they are more important by doing it. They smoke, because they think they are like adults. Certainly not because they see the indians in Peter Pan.
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    No, they'll just keep it out from now on. Those earlier films with smoking were in the times before we knew the health risks that came with it.
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    Well good for Disney for making the effort. Is smoking banned in their theme parks as well? Kids are also influenced by the example their parents set. Really, the training and education about smoking should begin at home. If parents don't smoke then jr. probably won't either.

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    I believe that to be true most of the time Lad, I always gave my Dad a hard time about smoking when I was a kid than I wound up starting smoking at 9.

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    no - Disney does not ban smoking in the parks... however there are designated areas where you can and cannot smoke, and don't DARE smoke in a line (while Seaworld says 'tough luck' to those of us who don't want to smell it, they will not tell someone to put theirs out. Disney will ask them to put it out or leave the line. Too many health risks are involved [my cousin had an asthma attack at Seaworld because of the line issue, and they basically tough cookies UGH!])

    they recently changed their policy about smoking in and around their hotel/resort rooms... minimum fine of 500 big ones if you do not smoke in a designated area.

    Good one, Disney! Totally for the rule!

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    I'm very happy to say that Britian introduced a smoking ban in all enclosed public areas from 1 July 2007 and the difference in huge. You can now go to a bar or a night club and when you come home you do not stink of stale cigarette smoke. It can only be a good thing in my book!


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