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Thread: Scary New York

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    Scary New York

    8o Is anyone else out there in the Big Apple scared out of their wits these days? I take the subway every day and am increasingly scared. I think I'm going to be "sick" Friday!


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    Re: Scary New York

    Hi goveggie,

    Nice to see you back again.

    Funny, but all this high alert stuff has got my mind on security in Washington, DC for next month's world championships. I heard on CNN all about high security in Fla for this weeks Daytona 500. Those "end-of-Hajj" rumors being bandied about has really hit home for racing officials. Guess NBA AllStar game was high security too.

    Can't say I blame you or disagree about being spooked in NYC. It seems to be the top target for terrorists, with DC second. It isn't as comforting as it should be to talk about probabilities that you will be safe. Sad state of affairs when we have to be afraid in our own country. We don't get as much sympathy from Israelis and Europeans, because they've dealt with terrorists all too often these past few decades. Not very comforting at all.

    But, life does go on and whether you take a sick day Friday or not, whatever will happen will happen. Hang in there. I suspect all of us are having these twinges of fear these days, especially people in NYC. NYC citizens have the reputation for being "tough." But noone is so tough that the thoughts don't occur to them.

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    Re: Scary New York


    Hi fellow New Yorker! I know it is a bit scary living here and feeling like we could be a potential target, but I think we all just have to live our lives and go on with our routines. While I do not routinely ride the subway because I have a car, I think about these types of terrorist attacks when I drive over the bridges - which I do twice a day. You can't do anything about it though and you just have to hope statistically you and your loved ones won't be affected. Hang in there!

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    Re: Scary New York

    goveggie - I'm not even thinking of being scared. I'll be going to Hunter College tonight to see a ballet from England; I will take the subway to and from the Playhouse. I will enjoy my evening,

    When I was a kid, we had to fall, duck and cover. The Communist threat was all around us. Now the Muslim threat is all around us. To me it's all government scare tactics.


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    being afraid

    I am also a new yorker. I also feel very afraid. My job requires me to go to the NY Courthouses and other locations in the city every day, these places are targets and i am scared. On the one hand I feel as if the upgrading of the "terror alert" stuff is just manipulation by TPTB to cause people to be so scared that we will give up basic civil rights to feel safe and agree to a war that many think is wrong. But that doesn't stop me from being scared. I have no sage advice to give you, except the small comfort that you are not alone in your fear.

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    I truely feel for you people. I spent 15 months in Korea. I do not think it is a
    government scare tactic. I don't think people in the World Trade Center or
    the Pentagon would either.

    MinnMan ========= john

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    Re: Ouch

    I don't know anymore what is/is not a governement scare tactic. While I would like to believe our leaders, so many lies have come out of Washington that I just have to reserve my judgement.

    As for being scared... I don't know, I think it is largely how you feel. I live in Boston, and I would never move away from the city, or stop coming to NYC every few weeks. On the other hand, I was recently walking across the Mass Ave bridge across the Charles river, and I saw a few people on it with those little cameras. I just got soooo scared, I almost ran to the end of the bridge, though I knew it was cerainly NOT a rational reaction.

    Overall, though, I am a fatalist. What has to happen will happen. I have flown many times since 9/11, and plan to do so again real soon (hopefully).

    So relax, enjoy life, and if you do take a sick day on Friday -- make the best of it. Don't tell yourself you are doing this because you are scared -- think of it as a "pamper yourself" day. Rent a favorite movie, get a bottle of your favorite wine, and enjoy life!

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    Re: Ouch

    I was just in the city last week for a training class. I arranged to meet friends afterwards for dinner and catch- up. What surprised me was how 'quiet' the streets were. There weren't as many people on NJ transit and I didn't feel that rush hour was as crowded as I remembered from years ago. I know a lot of people who have lost jobs [which may be part of the reason].

    I guess I'm a fatalist - what will be will be. It would be a shame to 'run scared' and avoid things that you enjoy. If nothing happens, you'll have missed out. That would truly be a defeat for our country because they 'made' us change our lives. If something happens, at least you'll know you lived your life to it's fullest.

    This is obviously easier to say than do, but I'm trying. Just know that everyone is on alert and hopefully that'll be enough to keep safe.

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    Re: Ouch

    <span style="color:navy;font-family:helvetica;font-size:x-small;">I sympathize with your feelings. Although I lived in Israel for many years, with these homicide bombers running around blowing people up on a regular basis, hostile nations all around with advanced weaponry, I don't think I could handle living there right now. I truly admire the determination of these people to live as normal a life as possible. I don't think I could handle having to fit MY child with a gas mask, as my friends and family there have had to do.</span>

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    Re: Scary New York


    I "feel" for you!! I don't live anywhere like NY, but I do know how vulernability feels. We have a high rate of crime in Surrey, and my life has been affected by it more than once in the past couple of years. I am getting "paranoid" about my safety and personal possessions. It must be awful to be living in fear of a terrorist attack!

    September 11 was a complete surprise attack (like Pearl Harbor), I think the US is "watching its back" and is prepared for the worst. I just heard something about it on the news.
    If it is any comfort to you; we are thinking about you here in Canada. Take care.


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    Re: Scary New York

    Hi again, goveggie,

    I like the idea of taking a "pamper yourself" day. I usually call those "mental health" days. After all, fear or pampering, it's for your own sanity.

    GW has been out rah-rahing again today about going to war and ridding the world of "rogue nations." That is certainly fueling this fear we all have. After all, the world already resents us and a war will bring out more of the same.

    I really think about this every day, especially since my son was called to active duty. OK, so now that he's considered a specialist in Afghanistan (even tho his job is stateside at Ft. Bragg) and thus he won't be in any first wave of war with Iraq, I still worry about him and all the other people affected. I'm also including a friend's son in my prayers this week. He's also at Ft. Bragg, doing Ranger training. This week's activities will decide whether he spends more time training for Special Ops, or goes overseas.

    If you decide to stay home tomorrow, make it the beginning of a long weekend. By next week, things may or may not settle down. Enjoy your weekend.

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    Jules Asner

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    Don't Worry Be Happy

    There's not much you can do and then chances of you being involved in such an attack is little, so, Don't worry, be Happy.

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    Re: Don't Worry Be Happy

    Things are rather scary right now. I know it's hard, but try not to worry about things you cannot control. Be careful and keep your eyes open, but what will be will be.

    I was in the military before and during the Gulf War, stationed in London. Just before to the Christmas after the war, the IRA had stepped up thier fire bombing campaign in London. One morning the train I was on (the one I commuted on every day) screeched to a stop between stations, the conductor ran through the train, then came back a few minutes saying everything was all right. Turns out that an IRA fire bomb had gone off in the last car, but either it wasn't a big one or it didn't work right because only that car was effected. It was empty at the time, fortunately. I didn't know about it until later that morning when I was listening to CNN.

    I'm keeping all of our service men and women in my thoughts - I have a nephew on the USS Roosevelt, which is steaming towards the Gulf as we speak.

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    Re: Worry, Be Miserable

    People deal with stress differently. Some people feel better being worried, and I'm not being facetious. Personally, I think optimism is overrated. I think there's something to being forced to contemplate what "life during wartime" might really be like. I'm not advocating that anybody get so freaked out thinking about what might happen that they can't function, but for some people, fear is a positive coping mechanism. For others, going on with life as usual is the way they cope. To each his own.

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    C W. I am sure you are right. Every one had different nerves and comes
    from a different background. All thers thing make a person the way they are.

    Location can make a big difference. However, on the news last night
    they showed people in the Twin Cities, MN were even stocking up on
    emergenscy supplies.

    One thin surprized me at Dallas. The security was not very tight.
    at AAC we went though detectors, but I took my camera in with no problem.
    At Reunion I dont recall that it was even that tight. In fact we got there
    about 5 minutes late and the ticket booth had closed. The gate man said
    it is only general admission so just go on in. (it was a junior event)
    So we saw Junior Dance free.

    MinnMan ==== John

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