One pair of Graf Edmonton Special Size 4½ L (equals to size 7 shoe size)
"Like New" condition - only worn for 6 months by Adult Skater. They are in excellent condition with no breakdown in support and no creases. No blades. These boots retail for $715.00. Asking $325.00

One pair of Jackson Coach's Boots, beige in color. Size 6 1/2 C. Very gently worn by Adult Skater. These boots are in "like new condition", no breakdown and no creases. These boots come with MK Professional Freestyle blades, which have been sharpened four times .... loads of life remaining on these blades. These skates are ideal for coach or synchro team member. These boots retail for $519.00 and the blades for $259.00. Asking $300.00 for the boot / blade combination.

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-- sheilagh