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Thread: Sale and Pelletier - Christened Ship Today

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    Sale and Pelletier - Christened Ship Today

    Well, it is in the history books now! Jamie and David christened a brand new cruise ship - one from the "Love Boat" line today in the harbour of Vancouver. Also on board was Gavin MacLeod from the series! It was not only a "first" for S&P but a first for Vancouver as well. Pretty neat, eh?


    here is an article from the Vancouver Sun newspaper about the big event:

    Friday, July 11, 2003
    CREDIT: The Province

    The Island Princess was to make her maiden arrival in Vancouver this morning with a fireboat escort.


    When Canadian Olympic skating darlings David Pelletier and Jamie Sale crack a bottle of bubbly across the upper deck of the spanking new cruise ship Island Princess at Canada Place tonight, they'll be breaking a couple of traditions -- but renewing others.

    For starters, it will not be the traditional champagne that spills over the 92,000-tonne, French-built Princess Cruises liner, but rather a magnum of Cipes Brut -- a fine sparkling wine, but not officially a champagne.

    And the ship is too big to "crack" the bottle over the bow -- hence the upper-deck christening.

    The wine comes from Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna. Despite the ship's French heritage, the cruise line announced that it was only fitting to use a B.C. wine in the first-ever christening of a cruise ship in Vancouver.

    And that wasn't the only christening decision Princess made.

    When Pelletier and Sale let the bottle go at 6 o'clock tonight, it's guaranteed to break -- and not bounce back unscathed, as sometimes happens. An unbroken bottle is considered a bad omen by some traditional seafarers.

    The pair will simply pull a lever and the special "cracker" -- a failsafe piece of bottle smashing equipment, according to Princess spokesman Julie Benson -- will ensure a liquid christening.

    Despite these minor departures from tradition, the christening will cement a 30-year tradition by Princess in using Vancouver as home base for its Alaska sailings.

    Adding to the tradition is the fact the vessel is named after one of its original "Love Boats" -- and actor Gavin MacLeod from the Love Boat TV series will be aboard for the christening.

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    Re: Sale and Pelletier - Christened Ship Today

    Thanks for the article. I found it enjoyable. I love S&P

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    Re: Sale and Pelletier - Christened Ship Today

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:georgia;font-size:small;">Like I said before, it has always been MY dream to crack a bottle of wine over a big ship. Alas, it looks like this is one dream that will forever remain unfulfilled. Sigh.</span><img src= ALT=" >D">

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    Re: Sale and Pelletier - Christened Ship Today

    There are some pictures and a video at the site below if you are interested in seeing more from the ceremony. All I can say is that Dave's wearing a tux and I nearly had a fainting spell at how hot he looks in these pictures......and oh yeah, Jamie looks beautiful too! LOL :lol: :D :rollin:

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