Hey guys, I am selling a pair of size 10 black riedell ice skates...I used them once for about 50 minutes before realizing I prefer roller skating more

They are so new that they havent even creased yet at the ankles, and the insides do not stink! :-D

They are size 10 mens, boot 112B. The blades were sharpened professionally at the skater's edge in ohio before I left the shop! I am not sure about what blades are on them, I just know they came with the skate as a pre-assembled set. Also included are rainbow striped blade socks.

I paid 79.99$ for them, but Getting 50$ back would be fine by me. I accept and prefer paypal

I can take pictures of them if anyone wishes!

Email me at dancethetango50@yahoo.com for any questions or PM me here!

PS: Sorry this sales pitch is my first post! I am not too hip on figure skating!