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Thread: Two Teens Killed

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    Two Teens Killed

    This Friday two teens from my son's high school died while on their way to a ski trip in Lake Tahoe, CA. with our local YMCA. They were riding in a van that got hit by a car traveling 100 miles an hour. This caused the van to flip out of control and eject the two teens killing them both. Three other students are in serious and critical condition.

    Please let this be a lesson to SLOW down and drive CAREFULLY.


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    Re: Two Teens Killed


    how very sad. even when they are not the ones driving recklessly, kids still seem to be involved in fatal accidents far too often. makes you wish you could always protect them, but we all know that is impossible.

    hope their friends and schoolmates and families and the community get through this with renewed dedication to life.

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    Re: Two Teens Killed

    Driving laws should be re-examined. In Germany, the speed way called the Autobahn has less accidents than any country without that 'lane'. every driver knows exactly how to speed on the Autobahn, and no changing lanes! except to get off the road. If the USA had that option, we would cut down accidents by 80 per cent. One lane for 90mph; one lane for 55mph; one lane to allow cars to get on and off the highway.


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