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Thread: Lipinski fans

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    Lipinski fans

    Ideas for her birthday gift.

    I know her birthday 6/10, but it is never too early to think of the perfect pieces of music for her.

    Polish violin virtuoso/composer from 1790 - 1861. Karol Josef Lipiniski: a contemporary of Paganini, and a friend of Chopin.


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    Re: Lipinski fans

    Sorry for triple posting

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    Re: Lipinski fans

    Sorry, triple posting

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    Re: Lipinski fans

    :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:

    I am seriously going to do this, Eltamina. Have you heard this work? Does it have any merit? I am going to get it and send it to Tara, from Eltamina and Mathman. :lol:


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    Mathman go ahead

    It should be fun. Lipinski was a violin virtuoso. I am not too familiar with his v cto in d "militaire". I have only listened to it once. It is about 36 minutes long, very upbeat, I guess that's why it was called militaire?

    Somehow virtuoso v ctos (v cto written by virtuoso) are less popular than the ones written by Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky etc.

    I think you will like it, if you like Vieuxtemps #5 OK. BTW, Vieuxtemps #5 is also a virtuoso cto.

    I bet Tara does not own a copy of the Lipinski v cto. It is on special order, so it may take a few weeks for amazon to get it.

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    Re: Composers with Skaters' Names

    From the samples, Joe Lipinski sounds pretty good. Maybe Mathman's gift will inspire Tara to use him for a skating program. I noticed one piece that would at least make a good title for it, with a little editing: Concert Ov: "The Morskie Oko Lake In The Tatras." Delete the last "t" and it becomes "The Morskie Oko Lake In The Taras." Although I think fans of the Tatra mountains might take offense.

    So, Eltamina, any other composers with skaters' names? Is there a Kwan, Hughes, Cohen (besides Leonard ), Slutskaya, Arakawa, etc.? This could be a whole new area of music interest for skaters. And I WOULD love to see Sasha skate to Leonard Cohen--anything except "I'm Your Man." It would be great irony, on many levels, but it's overused.

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    r181 and MM

    r181, the cd with the sound samples is out of print, one can only try to order a used one from amazon, and hope someone is willing to sell it. The other cd with the Brahms and Lipinski ctos is on back order or special order, i.e. it may take them a while to find it. I wish I know other composers with the name of Kwan, Hughes etc. I will keep looking.


    Go ahead and buy the Brahms/Lipinski ctos for Tara.

    There are several offers that you probably don't want to refuse:

    1st offer: at amazon, if you order $25 on eligible items S/H is free. You can easily add one cd to the Lipinski v cto to make $25.00

    How about this one:

    (If you do not own this already, it is a wonderful recording, 3 brass ensembles - philly, cleveland, and chicago) If you already own the Gabrieli, you can always add another sitar babe cd to your collection: BTW scroll to read Anoushka's response to someone's criticism of her father.

    "Hello, I am the artist and I wanted to respond to one of the reviews listed here. I won't respond to any of your criticism of my music because of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are wrong about the tuning in the first raga. I never used the natural fourth in the piece, but of course you hear it occasionally because that is what the main sitar string is tuned to! It's one thing to study music in books and another to play it, and please do trust that as one of the most knowledgeable men in Indian music, my father would never let me release a CD with incorrect interpretations of any ragas. Best wishes,

    2nd offer: Since I am thinking about ordering the Lipinski v cto cd from tower for myself, I will burn a copy for you, if you are willing to buy one for Tara.

    If you do not like the first 2 offers, then I will call Jimmy to make you an offer that you absolutely can not refulse.:rollin: :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:

    Well maybe before we become violent, r181 may send you some of her photography to sweeten the pot for you,:rollin: :rollin: :rollin:

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    Re: r181 and MM

    I'll take the first offer. Say no more. I'm on it. Money is no object. What's money? I've already agreed to donate my kidney to Tara on Fetal's Questionnaire thread.

    Oh, wait. That was Michelle. Well, same difference.

    I think I'd better withhold comment on the photographs. Family forum, and all that.

    A quick Google search turned up composers Teddy Robin Kwan and David Kwan, although David seems to be more of a tech mixer.

    What do you say we open this up to all the Tara fans on Golden Skate, and send it to her from everybody? If it takes a few weeks to get, probably about the first of May would be a good time to send it. Send her a nice letter saying how much we all miss her from SOI, etc. Or a 24 karat ring from Tiffany's.


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    Joe Lipinski and Teddy Kwan

    Mathman, I think it is a very good idea to open up this birthday project to all the Tara fans in GS. I know money is no object. May I suggest that Tara fans here at GS to make an optional contribution to the community chest instead of reimbursing you? If it is OK, I will send my check to EZBoard tomorrow.

    (The following is half joke, half serious)

    Voxman, I mean Mathman, I mean Moneyman, I mean fellow Lipinski fan. Thanks for being "on it", I know this Tara birthday project is in excellent hands.

    Voxman, I mean fellow Lipinski fan, ah... a 24 K gold ring, nice thoughts. My cousin works for Pucci and I can get a discount.... Oh but you want Tiffany's. May I give a feedback, since Steven Cousins, and Plushy have already given Tara a few 24K gold rings from Tiffany's, I don't think she wants another one from GS. IMO, the gift of music is priceless, so lets concentrate on the music. :D
    I would have given her both my kidneys, but since you beat me to it, I will give mine to Michelle instead.

    I was curious about how well Lipinski is received in the music world, so I called my local classical music station yesterday (for real). Honest, to my horror, that host did not even know what I was talking about. I spelled Lipinksi for him, and he looked up his computer, and he told me that they only have the violin concerto on file. I asked him when was the last time this cto was broadcast, and was told 1997. I was not pleased, and I gently told him that they need to pay more attention to Lipinski, and I will withdraw part of my support to the station if they continued to ignore Lipinski.

    I also searched To my horror, they did not list Lipiniski under their composer gallery, so I email Nishizaki, Takako, violin virtuoso and cofounder of Naxos. I gave her a gentle reminder that if Naxos prides herself as a company that is in the business of making music, they must not ignore Lipinski.

    Fellow Lipinski fans, I promise you that I won't rest, until Lipinski received the proper recognition.

    BTW, MM, I apologize for threatening you with Jimmy, what was I thinking. Oh, I made a mistake in my message, "r181 may send you some of her photography". I meant rgirls photography <strong>tips</strong>. You know the choice of lenses, film, lighting etc. I hope next time when you attend Skate America, you will be armed with rigrls' tips, and take wonderful pictures of the greas!est one.

    PS, thanks for the links to Teddy Robin and David, so they are composers?

    PPS, I haven't open the Tara thread in the edge folders for weeks, how is it? Is it safe for me to take a peek?

    <span style="color:green;font-size:large;">Peace and Shalom</span>

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    Re: Joe Lipinski and Teddy Kwan

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>"I spelled Lipinksi for him,..."[/quote]:lol: No comment. :lol:

    OK, forget the ring. We don't want Evgeny to get the wrong idea. Let's see, the cd costs $17.99 (free S/H with the Shankar -- at first I thought S/H meant Sarah Hughes -- A free tape of Sarah's Olympic performance with each Lipinski order! What a great tie-in!). There are 1018 members of GS. So each person who wants to sign Tara's birthday present should make a donation of 1 point 7 cents.

    OK, all seriousness aside. This is a cool idea, Eltamina. It's going to be fun.


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    That girl will be 21 in 6/10

    "So each person who wants to sign Tara's birthday present should make a donation of.."

    Done, I sent the check to ezboard this morning.

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