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Thread: FSO looking for new staff members

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    FSO looking for new staff members

    Figure Skaters Online ( is currently looking for enthusiastic skating fans to join our volunteer staff, which currently consists of eight people from around the country.

    If you have a niche for web design or webmastering, please head over to, read the criteria and fill out an application.

    We're also looking for people who are experienced with writing to help out with content for the athlete's official Web sites and other small writing projects. If you're interested in that, please just send an e-mail to Jamie through the form at

    Positions are unpaid as services are provided to athletes for free. And no positions guarantee contact with any of the skaters who have their Web sites at Figure Skaters Online.

    Questions? Please contact Jamie as soon as possible.

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    oh the temptation, but I promised myself that until this semester was over I wouldn't take on too many projects online and I have a couple of websites of my own that need my attention badly...

    but hopefully you get the right people!

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