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Thread: watch out for hackers

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    watch out for hackers

    has anyone been hacked? get security software, and be aware there are computer hackers with friends on this board. obviously people can register with other names.
    not everyone in cyberspace is "harmless."

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    Re: watch out for hackers

    Dancervixen -- This is a very serious. Do you have reason to think that the hackers that attacked you have something to do with this board, or with security lapses in ezboard generally? What exactly did they do? How did you find out about it?


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    Re: watch out for hackers

    This scares me. I have Norton virus and hacker protection. Is there anything else to do? I did have McAfee and it was nothing but trouble and they don't have an 800 # either. How do you know if you've been hacked?

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    Re: watch out for hackers

    Anyone who wants a better protection can install a firewall. I wouldn't even think of surfing the Internet without it.

    Here's a link to firewalls from Zone Labs: <a href=";JSESSIONID_ZL_STORE_COMMERCE=2FAN7 0k19X397EljV1Sxi8JMqsRWdGH9tZ42MK9gx2pSmvXhVWUJ!-1274498921!173109957!7511!7512?lid=home_seclink" target="top">ZoneAlarm</a> They have three, one of them is free (for home use, if I remember correctly). They're very good.

    Btw I think that if someone really wanted they would hack into any computer, especially a private one. But if you're careful (keep your anti-virus program updated; scan things you download from the Internet and emails, even if they're from friends; don't open emails from complete strangers (especially if they're in HTML); watch where you're going, etc.) then there's a much smaller chance of that ever happening.

    Everyone can check their computers here:
    <a href="http://" target="top">Shields Up</a>

    Scroll down and click on <strong>Test My Shields</strong>, and after you're done, on <strong>Probe My Ports</strong>. BUT read about it before you do it. Basically, by clicking there you ask them to connect to your computer (<strong>NOT</strong> get inside it, browse your files, etc.) and check how secure it is.

    The site belongs to Steve Gibson, he's a known security guru. It's fascinating, especially his stories of people trying to hack him (of course) and his fights with Microsoft (he met with them to show them security holes in new versions of Windows, they didn't care). I loved it when he wrote how he got into some hackers' private chat room; they were very surprised (and impressed).

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    Re: watch out for hackers

    I recently installed Black Ice and it seems to work well. I can decide how much security I want on it; anything from "easygoing" to "paranoid."

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