Forty-six years since the tragic deaths of the U.S. World Team, Alvin K. Swonger remembers his classmate Laurence Owen, who was the 1961 U.S. Ladies Champion and member of the '61 U.S. World Team.

From the article by Swonger:
"Laurence Owen (1944-1961) was a beautiful and special person long before she became America’s ice-queen. After her triumphs at the beginning of 1961, the press dubbed Laurie the “Winchester Pixie.” She was then developing her own persona, shaking loose from the shadow of her powerful mother, for whom she was essentially an alter ego. In 1961, the amazing Laurie was on the verge of taking the world by storm, when tragedy struck. For me personally, she will forever be the 14 and 15-year-old girl-woman whose mind was just then blossoming into something profoundly beautiful...."

This is the complete article from The Winchester (MA) Star, 9/17/07,
"Still skating through one man's heart":