I was inspired yesterday to make some massive changes to my skating RPG "DeVito Park" and wanted you guys to know the changes I've made just in case anyone's interested in joining.

First off, I am sorry I didn't do any competitions last year LOL This year I PROMISE I will, and of particular interest, the "2008 Olympic Winter Games" in Grenoble, France! The members submitted cities and we took a vote and that's what got the majority.

Also on the agenda, the World Professional Championships, two pro-am competitions, special tribute shows, 2 Marshall's cheesefests in April, a Marshall's showcase, and a Valentine's Day-themed show. We will also be hosting "Disney's Greatest Hits" and a "Josh Groban Tribute On Ice." Music for these are on a first-come, first-serve bais, I won't have 10 skaters using "You Raise Me Up" or "A Whole New World." For the Groban tribute, "You Raise Me Up" is already taken.

Course you don't HAVE to be a skater, you can be whatever you want: costume designer, choreographer, coach, rink employee, ballet dancer, artist, musician, business owner, whatever you like! Just, if you choose a ghost, please look at the rules for ghost characters before officially creating one.

I have just re-opened the board to guests, and posted a chat-box (c-box) for guests to ask questions about the site. I have to approve all members who join, however, but just let me know either through AIM, PM me here, or the c-box on the site, that you saw my ad here and I'll approve you right away!

I personally delve into some serious issues with my own characters, such as homosexuality, religion, sometimes a real-world tragedy will work its way into my writing, but that doesn't mean that everyone does. Everyone's welcome to do whatever they please basically, just, you know, nothing really fantastical or too hard to believe. Yes, now and again you will see the appearance of a ghost but that's really the extent of it.

Unless members call for it, you don't have to "train" your character like some sites, and competitions will be judged by a number drawing system. The game focuses on writing. But like I said, if there is demand for a more scientific system, feel free to say so.

Dance is now part of the game too, so if you wish to play an ice dancer, go ahead!

Basically that's all I have to say, just come check it out and enjoy! Have fun!