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Thread: Yeoh Mathman, your girls are talented

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    Yeoh Mathman, your girls are talented

    Since today is WAM - Wolfgang Armadeus Mozart and Edouard Lalo's birthday I went to Towerrecords to celebrate, so much for new year resolution.

    MM, your girls are talented.

    1. I finally bought the Ying Huang cd, I am listening to it now. It sound better on the cd player than the sony VIP site. Maybe it is time to replace my computer speakers. She is talented, is she Renee Flemming material?

    2. A couple of weeks ago, I listened to your trio girls' Suk elegy, and the storm piece, they too are very talented. I was trying to find their villa lobos cd, but they don't have it. I will order it online some time later.

    3. Anoushka Shankar, the 21 y/o home coming queen, sitar babe

    I know she is not your girl yet, I speculate she soon will be. Her latest cd is nominated for a grammy, oouch it is listed for $17.99.
    OK all my Indian friends tell me that her father the guru Ravi Shankar is a better sitar player, and his cds only cost $11.99, so I bought a couple of Ravi Shankar's cds instead. I am hoping that you will support a young artist (who is enthusiastic about getting the pearl in that oyster) and buy one of her cds and give a review.

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    Re: Yeoh Mathman, your girls are talented

    I'm off to the record store now.

    What was the topic? Sensual lips without needing to be air brushed?


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    Re: Yeoh Mathman, your girls are talented

    I remember my parents being bemused that I wanted to buy Ravi Shankar records when I was 12 (they were very expensive because they were considered classical imports), but both my mother and father fell in love with him, my dad especially. Dad was a big self-taught music lover, had about a ton (literally) of old 78s of classical music. I say the Beatles would not have been able to reach the heights they did on "Sgt. Pepper" without George and Ravi Shankar, no way. I've heard Anoushka Shankar and love her. Maybe the birthday gods will bring me her CD, though the "Ghost Dog" soundtrack is still number one on my list I listened to samples of the Opera Babes (is that who you mean?) thanks to either your or MM's link a while back and liked them, too. Don't know Ying Huang; will have to check her out.

    The "Mina and Mathman" threads are my best source for classical music info these days. My musicologist friend died in '93 and sadly left quite a hole for a lot of people. In his classes, he would have his students compare Beethoven's Sonata Opus 111 and The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil"--this at the University of Utah in SLC. After most of the students got over the "He's got to be kidding!" shock, it actually provided for some great discussion, once my friend, the professor, got across his points about the similarity in their structure, build, etc. Plus he had blow-up flying ducks hanging from his kitchen ceiling and a hammock in his office. Of course the rest of the faculty hated him:lol:

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    Sorry, I wan't too clear about who are the MM girls. It all started from this thread: skin sells or not in the poll section. MM introudced me to Huang Ying's Peony Pavilon album

    The at Sony VIP, I was able to listen to the entire thing. It is differet kind of music, not the western classical style that I am used to, but there is a lot of color to this recording.

    The trio babes, or trio girls are the Ahn trio, MM introduced me to this group in this thread on violin babes and SOI. (BTW, R181, I did not see your last message on that thread. Thanks for the links, and I love the Barber violin cocnerto)

    I did not buy the Groovebox, but I want to buy the Ahn trios very first album with the Villalobos piano trio.

    " Plus he had blow-up flying ducks hanging from his kitchen ceiling and a hammock in his office"

    I have a duck story to tell too. When I was in college we were invited to a Chinese friends house for Peking duck. The roasted duck skin served with special sauce is tasty. I don't know that the way to prepare this speciality is to blow air into the duck (to separate the skin from the meat), and this friend blew air through the south side of a north facing duck. I am told the chefs in restaurants use bicycle pumps.

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    Re: Duck a la Poof

    Oh, do I ever have the image in my mind. I see the guy sort of blowing the duck like a horn, but with the anatomical aspects of it making it all so much more interesting. As for the bicycle pump, I keep thinking that some chef is going to get distracted and keep pumping the duck up until duck go boom.

    I don't think my musicologist friend ever knew that about blowing air into Chinese ducks. Too bad. He would have appreciated it so very much.

    Next time "Eat Drink Man Woman" is on, I'll have to watch to see if the father prepares duck:lol:

    Thanks for the extra info on the MM girls.

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    Re: Duck a la Poof

    Ok, Rgirl, which end did he blow into?:rollin:

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