Hi everyone, I don't know if there are other topics about this.. I wanted to ask you guys a question.

This my problem : I started skating a year ago, had a few lessons with a coach and I'm skating only once a week since the rink it's quite far.

What I learned until now, by myself and with the coach, are just a few things like crossovers, back cross overs , 3 , waltz jump, forward cross rolls, mohawk..I tried the toe loop.. but I'm doing everything quite poorly, and many of these things still clockwise only.

Everything I try is A LOT easier skating clockwise, but off ice I do almost everything with the right hand, I'm righty but I feel more comfortable skating clockwise.

Lately I started doing some two-foot spins (clockwise) successfully. A friend told me it's impossible for one to write with the right hand and skate clockwise at the same time and made me try a counter-clockwise spin but I don't feel comfortable with it.

Is it true? Should I re-learn everything,spin and jump counter-clockwise?

p.s. sorry for my poor english