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Thread: Describe yourself!

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    Describe yourself!

    This is a variation on GrGranny's "Where are you from?" theme.

    Don't feel the need to stick to a physical description. :D

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    Re: Describe yourself!

    This is a very kool topic. Since im kinda new to this board, i think i'll describe myself a bit.
    first off, im a compeitive skater, and i love to skate sooooo much. i will seriously go into a drepressed mood when my skating goes downhill or something bad happens in my skate world. other than that, i am really outgoing, fun loving, and totally blonde. lol. yes, i can be a ditz/preppy girl. with the exception of the internet, when you first meet me, i am very shy, but once you get to know me, i am really outgoing and talkative. for some reason, i find it much easier to be outgoing online, maybe its cause i dont have to talk to someone face to face? i am 5'3", i wont say how much i weigh, cause im a teen, and i think im too fat. lol. my dream is to skate pairs. i love to jog, do pilates, and yoga, and swim. on most weekends you will find me hanging out at the mall catching the lastest chick-flicks w/ my friends or shopping(this is when i have SPARE TIME(which is rare), and im not at the rink or doing homework). or you will find me in front of the tv every thursday night watching 'Freinds' and 'Will and Grace'. I am very self-motivated and i have some crazy and big dreams. like medaling at nationals in a couple of years! i want to be a physologist when i grow probably, or a marine biologist. always thought it would be kool to be a killer whale trainer at sea world =) of course, that would be after i tour w/ stars on ice. haha. yeah right. anyways, thats just a bit about me. but only time will let people know the real me. oh, and one other thing to describe me- i have an unbelievably mad crush on Ryan Bradley. lol. ohhh, i like this topic a lot. cant wait to read others describe themselves....
    Happy Posting, Sk8Bunny

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    Re: Describe yourself!

    This looks like fun, RealtorGal. Welcome to Sk8Bunny!

    Physically: If Sharon Stone and Danny DeVito had a baby, it would look exactly like me! Pisces with Aries ascending. Middle-aged (the number is bigger than my bra size).

    Personally and careerwise: I'm happily married to Mr. Aloft02, we live overlooking Puget Sound on a pretty green island in Washington. I too am a realtor! I'm also the author of 3 books, (none about real estate.) I'm working on a mystery right now....slowly, very slowly. I have two absolutely lovely adult stepdaughters who live in New Zealand. Everyday I feed the local deer, birds and squirrels before I do anything else....I'm a bit of a nut for animals. Three stray cats have found me and live here now, although I'm actually a die-hard dog person.

    I like to think I'm a figure skater because I once stood on a frozen lake in Alaska and kind of sawed my feet back and forth and got some forward motion. I think that counts. The presentation was good. Sweet husband awarded me with tickets to World's when it was in Vancouver. What fun!!!

    Hobbies - hiking, birdwatching (don't make fun now!), kayaking, travel, working to get the Republicans out of office. Guess that sums me up!

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    Kara Bear

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    Re: Describe yourself!

    Hey, this is me!

    I'm originally from a small town in Nova Scotia. I moved to New Brunwsick after high school to study journalism. My mom, dad, brother and dog Rascal are still in NS and I miss them!! Well after a few years of journalism school I discovered I was very good at writing but had a bad radio voice and sucked at video editing. So I dropped out journalism and took up Canadian history. In a few months I'll be graduating!!! My degree will be a BA in honours history with minors in political science and journalism. Now I have to find someone to hire me...scary stuff.
    About 6 months ago my boyfriend got a job in Niagara Falls, Ontario and said to be, "Kara, why don't you come with me?" So I did. A few weeks later I had sold all my worldly belongings (which wasn't much...I'm a poor student) and switched to a different university. Now I'm here settled into life in the big city (it really isn't that big....just for me I guess).
    Where does figure skating fit into all this??? Well fs feels like its always been apart of my life. One of my earlist fs memories was the 92 Olympics. I remember watching this guy named Elvis skate and asking my mom, "Why didn't this guy win? He was the only one who didn't fall?" I was nine at the time. Since then my tastes and knowledge have become a bit more refined. My favories are B&S and for the first time I've become a fan of a lady...Sasha. I've always wanted to skate and keep on telling myself someday I'll take lessons. I love pairs skating, but could never do it myself...I'm 5'10".
    So I guess thats my life story. I can't wait to read everyone elses.

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    Re: Describe yourself!

    RealtorGal, where's your description?

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    Re: Describe yourself!

    MMandel (Manny). Male. Born in NJ & lived there 8 years, lived in OK for 6 years, & currently live in New Mexico, USA. Work as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital (Employee Health Nurse). Wife, 2 daughters. Play bass clarinet with community band. Love Ice Skating! Fan only.

    Sound like I'm applying for a dating services.

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    Describe Yourself ...


    Having lurked on this board for at least a year, and only thus far post to say thanks to you guys for giving me immediate reviews of the many meets we don't get screened in the UK, I've decided I must be shy!

    As stated I live in the UK (not the best place for any figure skating fan). I'm 31 and recently retired from the English National Ballet. As a child and teenager I was a competitive figure skater as well as training in ballet. This was something I had to keep secret from staff at my ballet school, as skating at all was banned. Thing was, I'd started ballet and skating at about the same time, loved both, and couldn't drop the skating. Now I've retired I'm planning to start skating again, just for the pleasure of it. I never stopped following the elite and junior level competitions, but it's tough in England, as Eurosport only screens Worlds and Europeans ... Guess other than on you guys I've relied on BOI.

    I'm really going to try to post when I feel I have something to say in future. I never thought of myself as shy before Other than dancing and skating, my main hobby is writing, but thus far I've only had short stories and poems published. Not that I care. Truth is I like the process better than publishing anyway.

    Thanks again to all who've kept me updated this past year or so!

    Best, C

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    Re: Describe Yourself ...

    <span style="color:green;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">Welcome to all newbies! I'm 40-ish, live in San Diego, work as a (surprise!) Realtor, totally love my job (despite its MANY stresses). I used to be a music (voice) teacher. I really enjoyed it at the time but I'm happy in my current career--I prefer being out and about, meeting new people as opposed to sitting on my piano bench for hours at a time. I do still sing occasionally time permitting, although it's been several years since I did a concert. I had a goal to put out a CD, which someone actually made for me (!), and reaching that particular goal meant a lot to me. :D

    In describing myself: I take on way too many responsibilities at any given time then experience a bit of panic now and then. When I do give up a responsibility, it's only after a lot of soul searching and agonizing. I'm constantly trying to lose the 20 lbs. I gained since giving birth a few years ago, but I think it's a lost cause (I lost 12 this year, put back 5 and don't seem in a hurry to get it off again). I'm probably just lazy about it. I love to read mysteries more than any other genre--I wonder whether that's part of my attraction to real estate... I love hunting down that "perfect" house for someone! "Alias" and "Frasier" are my current favorite shows, although I'm ecstatic when English murder mysteries are on such as "Midsommer Murders" or a good Poirot.</span>

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