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Thread: A slap on the wrist

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    A slap on the wrist

    I was watching COPS the other night. A 16 year old boy is arrested for possession of quite a large amount of cocaine. They haul him into the police station, his mother is already there waiting for him. As soon as she sees him she starts crying, so I'm thinking she will recover and slap him upside the head and reem him out like there's no tomorrow about bad choices leading to a bad life, etc., but she does the opposite!! She puts her hands on his face hugging him while bawling her eyes out "Oh your'e my baby, I love you so much!"

    What's wrong with this picture?!

    She basically gave him the message " You may hurt me with your drugdealing but there really aren't any consequenses that you have to face with me, because I'm not going to do anything except baby you" So she basically just gave him a slap on the wrist. I ask again, what's wrong with this picture!

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    Re: A slap on the wrist

    I think that's preferable to what I THOUGHT you were going to say. I pictured the mother wailing and hollering "My baby is innocent! My baby couldn't do anything bad - you've got the wrong kid!! Where's Johnny Cochran?!"

    Granted I've never been arrested, but I did screw up from time to time as a teen. I remember nothing was worse than seeing the pain I'd inflicted on my mother. The guilt was even worse when she was completely supportive of me even with my less than stellar behavior from time to time. The worse thing was when my parents would say, "Well, Aloft02, did you learn anything from that?" ACK!! <img src= ALT=":o">

    Hopefully this young man will remember how he felt to see his mother so upset and yet still expressing love. I hope so, but then my balloon rarely lands.

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